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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I just found this information regarding a family member...check out the names of some of the towns!

Here is some long sought after information regarding the death of my great aunt Virginia. It just fell into my lap-top when I was doing some other family research. I have been trying to find out how my great aunt Virginia died. It also contains other information about my great grandmother Pansy and other family members. This will be interesting to anyone descended from The Leedy or Mathena families from Tip Top Virginia and Bluefield.

Mathena/Reynolds Deaths, 1940 or 1941 - Tazewell Co. VA


Van Fatally Injures Noah Mathena and Virginia Reynolds

A Bluefield Va., girl and her uncle, a native of Tip Top, were fatally injured early today when struck down by a huge moving van on the highway some 25 miles north of Roanoke. Victims of the dual highway tragedy were Mrs. Virginia Leedy Reynolds, 26 of High Point, Md., and Noah Mathena, 43, of Washington. Today in Bluefield sanitarium, Mrs. Pansy Leedy Whitlock, of Roanoke, herself injured in an accident Saturday night, was told of the deaths of her daughter and brother.


A tire blew out on the automobile in which Mr. And Mrs. Mathena, their daughter, Connie May, and the niece, Mrs. Reynolds, were driving to their eastern homes. Mr. Mathena stooped on the road to fix the tire and Mrs. Reynolds was holding a flashlight to guide him when the dual tragedy occurred. The wife and child were not injured.

The party had left Tip Top only yesterday afternoon for home after paying a last visit at the sanitarium to Mrs. Whitlock, mother of Mrs. Reynolds and sister of Mr. Mathena. Mrs. Whitlock, wife of a Roanoke railroad man, had been visiting her sister and brother at her old Tip Top home when she fell and broke her ankle Saturday.


Bodies of both the Tazewell countians will be brought to Bluefield today and then taken to Tip Top where joint rites will be held tomorrow. Ms. Reynolds, the youthful auto accident victim, was born in Bluefield, Va. on August 4, 1914. She attended Graham high school and on September 22, 1938, was married to Ernest Reynolds, of Brooklyn, N.Y., formerly of Bluefield, Va. She is also survived by the following sisters: Mrs. Mamie Caldwell, of Hollins, Va.; Mrs. Ruth Dillon, of Radford, Va.; Miss Louise Leedy, of  Roanoke; and two brothers, Harry Leedy, Jr., of Hollins, and Steve Leedy, of Roanoke.


Mr. Mathena, the other victim, was born at Tip Top in 1898, son of the late Mr. And Mrs. S. P. Mathena, and was first married to Miss Flora Peak, of Bluefield, Va. He leaves on daughter, Connie May. Following the death of his first wife, Mr. Mathena later married Miss Mildred Clark, of Roanoke. He leaves his wife and the following sisters: Mrs. Ella Barrett, of Nemours; Mrs. Jane Mathena, of Mud Fork; Mrs. Mary Tate, of Nemours; Mrs. Willie Clara Dawson, of Tip Top, and Mrs. Pansy Whitlock, of Roanoke; and the following brothers: S.P. Mathena, of Boissevain, and John Mathena, of Tip Top.

The accident which took the lives of two Tazewell countians reportedly occurred at 1 a.m. today on the Lee highway three miles south of Buchanan, Va. Relatives here were informed by wire of the fatalities.

Tip Top, VA. Walter Mathena Correspondent

Tip Top, Va., Sept 28. - Last rites were held here Wednesday afternoon for Noah Mathena, and Mrs. Virginia Reynolds, victims of a dual highway tragedy agout 25 miles north of Roanoke, Va. The accident occurred while Mr. Mathena was fixing a flat tire, as his niece, Mrs. Reynolds, held a light for him. A large moving van, from North Carolina, struck the two, killing Mr. Mathena instantly, while Mrs. Reynolds lived to reach a hospital before succumbing.

Both victims well known here, Mr. Mathena having been born and reared in Tip Top. He was employed on a construction job in Washington D. C., at the time of his death. He is survived by his wife and one child, and the following sisters, Mrs. Ella Barrett, and Mrs. Mary Tate, of Nemours, W. Va.; Mrs. Jane Mathena of Mudfork, Va.; Mrs. Pansy Whitlock, of Roanoke; Mrs. Willie Clara Dawson, of Tip Top, and two brothers, S. P. Mathena of Boissevain, and John Mathena of Tip Top. Mrs. Reynolds was formerly from Bluefield, Va., although she lived here for several months last year. She was the daughter of Mrs. Pansy Whitlock, of Roanoke. She is survived by her husband and several sisters and brothers.

Joint funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Dan Gillespie, of Bluefield. Interment was in Mathena cemetery.

Submitted by June Barnes


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