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Monday, June 03, 2013

Monday Monday so good to me.

I guess I could be being a tad more productive today but I've already decided that I deserve a three-day weekend so I'm gonna maintain this crazy form of calm. I have loud speaking men behind me. Very loud with booming voices. It gives me the shivers every time they speak sharply. Oh well, that'll go away. I've become very sensitive to being hit. It doesn't take much to actually cause me pain. I prefer not to be hit at all. Angry men scare the tar out of me, too.

Walter, like my ex, used the lamest excuse after hurting me..."Oops! I didn't mean to do that!" Well, I noticed that both of them had the ability to shave their necks every day for decades without ever slitting their jugular. That was my point...I don't care why you did it, either you did it on purpose or you're too stupid to avoid doing it. Either way, you suck.

A chick sent me a comment making the point that yesterday, my biggest problem was coffee on my shoes. She was right. At first, it sucked because I finally bought a little pair of white teeny-boppers that fit instead of the free Bozo shoes donated to some shelter. But seriously, she was right! How about that!

This place isn't a shelter, it's a flop house with all the usual filth you can imagine. But there are some decent folk out there!

Some kind people came to cook bar-b-que for homeless people. They were well into their cooking when the Tampa Police shut them down for serving food without a license. I was stunned. Somebody has to care about that miscarriage of justice and do something to get some form of remedy for people who cook food. Hell, the garbage that grocery stores donate can't be good for you...I would have preferred a hamburger myself and being a big girl, I would have taken due precautions AND responsibility for my choice.

I'm actually getting hungry because the first thing this morning I found out that my crack-head room-mate and stolen my charger for my computer. She could have taken anything and I would have let it slide, I have been already. But to mess with my connection to a word I aspire to be part of? Writing about this is so important to me that I freaked when the charger was gone and in all the drama that ensued I totally missed coffee and breakfast.

By the way, I think I figured out why I have to be hear. One of my biggest issues is saying "no". I've done things I didn't want to do over that inability. But these people here are such beggars that I HAVE to say no because I can't afford to be the Mother Theresa of this place. I've said no a few times today. You know what? One time I walked away quite pleased with myself, so much so that I grinned a big one. I could get used to saying no.

OK. I need to go hunting for nourishment. I shall return.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You seems to be a lovely person <3. Try to concentrate on the small and good things in life, and don't go back to the awful man.

I have had a abusive relationship and there is to things I have learnt: Respect for each other in every way, and that you should be nice to each other All the time. We are equal.

Hugs, from Finland

June 04, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Thank you! And yes, respect was the main problem, rather the lack of it. He had no respect for women in general. Respect is something everyone deserves until it's no longer appropriate if you meet a true ass. I treat all humans with respect, imagine how sweet I can be to someone who takes care of me!!


June 04, 2013  

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