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Thursday, June 06, 2013

New Experiences!

Here is a list of my firsts:

1. Left my root beer for a second, came back and drank a bug.
2. Notice a totally unexpected and rather unwanted penis.
3. Get robbed 4 days in a row.
4. Experience a hideous attack of bed bugs.
5. Killed my first cockroach.
6. Visited my first doctor who couldn't speak English.
7. Feed ferrel cats for days in a row.
8. Stood behind hood liquor store chatting with the regulars.
9. Kept my dirty coffee cup in the fridge to keep it safe from bugs.
10. Stick clean, dry clothes in a dryer for 20 minutes to kill bed bugs before putting them on after a shower..
11. Lived in a house that could have been built by Rob Zombie.

I'll most likely add more firsts to that list but here are a couple that I can't be flippant about. I held a dieing kitten for 2 hours. It was suffering so badly that I actually found the strength to put it out of it's misery. It was one of the ferrel kittens. It was the pretty one that I wanted to keep. If I had taken in to the vet sooner, this wouldn't have been necessary.   OK, it's a couple of hours later and I feel better about how I handled the kitten. I still wish I had done something sooner but I really couldn't.

  To continue my firsts:  

12. I seemd to have some friendly neighbors. That's not new, but a naked man answering the door IS. That make's 2 penis's in 2 days. At my hottest, I couldn't have beaten that. BUT, no more knocking on doors to borrow cold water.
13. Drank a bottle of cold water given to me by a naked man.
14. Sat and chatted with a guy who has actually killed people. But he's a very polite murderer.


Blogger q1605 said...

Ahhh good times, good times.

June 06, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Yes Q, I just hope I can remember the glory days when I get really old.


June 06, 2013  

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