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Thursday, September 05, 2013

I'm sitting in the lobby of the Hilton...

...as I write to you guys. The same me is treated completely differently when I'min the Hilton as opposed to when I'm standing in line at the Social Services offices. It's quite remarkable, considering the fact that wherever I am, I'm the same person. And this person is most certainly up to something. I get such a bolt of energy thinking about the fact that I get to say that.

I'm doing many things and one of those things is gathering support for my next challenge...the rest of my life. To quote Titanic's Jack, and "making it count". That, it seems...would be the challenging part. But...I know that I require support from others. So far, my daughter is taking on the lion's share. I love her for that and trust that she's right in her convictions. I've been actively seeking support elsewhere as well. Family would be perfect but I don't have that sort of family. I'll get the support I need...I'm sure. I have so far.

Anyway, with your support as well...I promise you something cool is in my not too distant future.


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September 10, 2013  

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