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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Really? I can't even disappear and leave the world alone?

This looks like a rather harmless hermit, wouldn't you say? Just when I was considering the life of a hermit, this crap happens. I'll have to see exactly what he did wrong but for them to DEMAND his return to society, I would think it would take something really good, like winning the first billion dollar lottery ever. Of course, then he could hire a lawyer and remain a hermit, but very few hermits have a billion bucks. Other than Howard Hughes, I can't come up with another one.

I find it appalling that we can be forced to participate in a society we find totally alien. As long as we don't hurt anyone, we should have the ability to remain quietly in the mountain for archaeologists to find thousands of years from now.


"A new study published by the Royal Society suggests that women evolved the tendency to be mean to each other."

I'm no scientist, but mean girls have been around since well before Nellie Olson.



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