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Thursday, October 24, 2013


...I better call Walter!!! When I'm so bold as to not respond, I get this threat:

"Keep on being mean and I will give you a real surprise !! It will cost you BIG$$$$ try me loose lips sink ships??? Be nice"

He'd be better off just offering me cash to come back. I think he prefers to say the nastiest, bigoted and offensive things he can think of...like wiping the mud off of himself and throwing it at me to see if anything sticks. He's running out of my friends and family for whom he would love to present me in the worst light possible. When I claimed that he was sucking the life out of me and taking away every one I care about...his response to that was to tell me not to worry, I would be HIS family (she shivered in disgust as she typed). Of course, over the years he has had occasion to speak ill of me to his father so even though I've never been anything but kind and helpful...last weeks posts not included...his father is a perpetual supporter of his son...facts and logic be damned. So, when he feels the need, he says the most hideous things about me (or anyone who crosses him) and he can't take them back later when he wants me to go to dinner with him and his father.

Enough of this guy. He hates being called Hover-round Dude and Creepy-Dude so I'll refer to him as Jackass for the time being. But, Jackass isn't why I'm writing this. I'm writing to apologize for yesterday's post, I was really down (you may have picked up on that) and when I read it last night, I wanted to hit my OWN head on a suitcase.

Back soon!


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