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Hi. I'm trying to think of another description to put here. Any ideas? I'll try again at 420.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I just spent a half hour tryiing...

...BRB. Oh well, here's the video I hope. :)

I hope you enjoyed that bit.

It's 1:36 AM and I can no longer think. I only stayed up this late because I get to use the computer and I was doing all of my summer clothes. It took two days to complete the havoc reeked all over.  Yesterday I went I had to wash the clothes that have been around, but today it was just exhaustively so basically, I just spent all that time and that left me with a closet full of slacks on one side, shirts and jammies on the other.
I can't remember the ending of whatever I was saying and that's happened at least 8 times so I'm just going to skee-daddle and hit the hay. :)


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