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Monday, April 17, 2006

I've had an interesting day...

...I began feeling well so I decided to work in my yard. After raking a small portion of it and bagging about 15 bags of leaves and pine needles, I decided to pick up the pine cones because they were interfering with my raking. I picked up 3 bags of those pointy suckers and then my back went out.

So, I came in the house to get a glass of ice water and I had no ice. My refridgerator is broken. So, I decided to cook the rest of the meat and remembered my oven doesn't work, only the broiler element. The meat was cooking too much on the top so I took the Pyrex 13X9 and put it on the last working element that I have on my stove. Well, it works, but on one temperature...burn. So, I put it back in the oven. 3 minutes later the Pyrex dish exploded in the oven.

I tried to get on the computer but couldn't. I spent 5 hours trying and then my son came home and started it right up.

I thought I'd walk my dog so I tied the leash around my waist like I usually do. He heard some other dogs and bolted, slamming me into a fence face first. Now, I'm hobbled over in pain and I have a black eye.

The phone rings and I answered it. The person said, "Who is this?" I was getting pretty irritated at that point so I said, "I'm not having a good day and you know it doesn't work like that...who the hell are you?"

"This is Tish from Montana. You left a message on Rick's phone and I wanted to see if you needed anything. I said, "Rick and I have already spoken." I could tell by her reaction that she wasn't happy about that. Then she asked me how I was doing. I said, "Have a nice day." and hung up. Then, she continues to call me all day until I finally got in touch with Rick and told him to make her stop. He seems to have done that. If she was just trying to let me know about her, she failed miserably because she is obviously psycho and if that's the best he can do, I can smile about it.

Let's see, the oven, the stove, the fridge, the computer, my back, my black eye...am I leaving anything out? Oh, the exploding meat loaf. Oh yeah! I almost forgot, my washer spun a load of clothes for 4 hours before I realized that the load was taking an awfully long time to finish. And, there's a bumblebee in my bedroom and I'm not going in there until it dies.

I'm hunched over like Quasi Moto, I'm scratched all over from yard work and dog draggings and I have a black eye. All in all, I'd say that today was a bummer. I almost forgot, when I took my shower this morning, I only shaved one leg. I think that just about covers it. I should have known my day would get worse after I stuck foaming facial cleanser in my eyes.

I'm gonna go find a safe place to hide,

See ya,



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