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Monday, April 17, 2006

Good morning!

Well, I've had more than enough sleep so today I have to accomplish some things. I'm just going to get myself dressed and walk out the door and head toward the first place that I have to go and see what happens. I need to handle all of this stuff and there isn't anyone that's going to do it for me so I'm going to start handling it all on my own.

I had waited for someone to fulfill some promises but it doesn't look like they're going to so off I go to deal with it myself. I really could use a person with a car who didn't mind driving me around in exchange for nothing more than pleasant company. But, I haven't girlfriends who don't work and men always seem to want something in exchange.

It was nice hanging out with my friend without worrying about anything sexual happening. That's rare and he's the perfect example of a good man friend. There was a time when I had quite a few of them but when I was with Rick, he preferred that I had none of them. I guess men can't handle the man friend thing. That's a shame.

You know, nowadays, according to Jerry Springer anyway, so many women are sleeping with each other so I don't know why the nervousness over friends should be limited to men.

You might think that it wouldn't make you as annoyed but I recently learned that it can and does annoy you just as much, no matter what it is that your friend is sleeping with. The trust stuff is still there, or should I say the distrust.

YIKES! I just did something incredibly stupid. I was going to take the mascara off of my eyes and instead of using the eye make up remover, I used the foaming facial wash. So, I put a hunk of soap in my eyes. That was different. It certainly wakes you up in the morning. Of course, now it looks like I've been crying for a month. Important safety hint:
Pay strict attention when removing mascara...do NOT use foaming facial wash.

OK then, I'm going to soak in the tub and then get dressed and head out to see where my feet take me today. This should be fun. If I am truly on my own again, things are about to get interesting on me.

See ya,



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