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Friday, June 30, 2006


...I just spent a helluva lot of time trying to make pictures of a puzzle that Mr. Anderson, my 6th grade math teacher gave us in 1969. I've been working on it ever since and I can't seem to figure it out. Now, I can't get it to post. Oh well.

That stupid puzzle has been driving me nuts for decades and I thought that maybe I could get you guys to help me out with it. I'll never forget that teacher. Mr. Anderson taught at Grove Junior High School in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

My extended family lived all over the country and I remember hearing them say that I lived in "Chicago" so I thought that I lived in some village called Elk Grove in Chicago. I wrote my parents at Elk Grove Village, Chicago Illinois. I'll try to get the stupid puzzle to post and see if you can figure it out later.

Now, I'm just going to meander mentally. I do quite a bit of mental meandering. Some people call me flighty. I'm not. My brain does somehow resemble a butterfly...but that doesn't make me flighty. I said once that talking to me is pretty much like reading the blog. These are the silly things that I would be telling someone who was right here in the room with me. Well, maybe not right now.

Right now if I had someone in the room with me I'd be watching Jeopardy. It's on in the background but it's no fun to watch alone. No one but the ghosts are impressed with my abundant knowledge of useless trivia.

I'm going to pick my friend up and have her spend the weekend with me. Before I couldn't remember what the name was that she wanted me to use when referring to her here in the blog but I asked her and it was Casey. So, Casey is spending the weekend with me. I had misplaced my xanax but I just found it so I should be able to deal with her. I love her but she can be quite demanding. She's an absolute "velvet hammer" and I must be careful around her at all times. Anyway, we'll probably just sit around the house all weekend. Maybe we can watch a bunch of chick flicks. Luckily, this is my house and we have to choose from my movies so I won't end up watching The English Patient or something equally annoying. I think that The English Patient is the female version of Waterworld. You have to be die hard to like either one of them.

Meandering right along...the ribs that I made for dinner last night were absolutely wonderful. I couldn't believe that they came out so tender and yet so well cooked. The meat was tender but not falling off the bone tender. That's a bit too soft for me. I like to bite into the rib meat. But, I don't like it tough like Chinese ribs. Mine were perfect. I also made a macaroni salad, it's on my recipe blog. If anyone wants to send recipes there, feel free to. I'll figure out someway to organize them all and give proper credit if you'd like...or if you're giving away a secret family recipe, I'll keep your name a secret.

And I want the men to send in their favorite meals...all men have at least one thing that they call their specialty and it's usually not too bad so send them in. I'll put all the men's recipes in a separate place. Anyway, here's the link to the site:


And my email address is megbkelso@gmail.com

I'm gonna clean up a bit until our ride gets here to go get Casey and bring her over.

See ya later!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Meg,
it must be awful being 39,
bet you wish it was 29!

June 30, 2006  

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