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Thursday, June 29, 2006

In less than a half an hour...

...Patsy Ramsey is going to be buried down the street from me, next to her daughter. I don't know what the heck happened back then, but I think her death assures that we'll never know now. The only hope would have been if Patsy spoke, her husband won't. Men are too good at keeping a secret. Of course, there's always the possibility that they had NOTHING to do with Jon Benet's death but if they DID have something to do with it, he won't speak. If he had cheated on her, she might have blown their cover, but other than that, he's too smart to talk now. He'd surely get busted for something.

Jon Benet is buried literally down the street, in front of a junior high. That school used to be the Marietta High School, but the year after my youngest graduated from there, they started using the new building. The old one was surrounded by houses so it couldn't grow at all.

One spring, shortly after the little girl's death, some high school kids vandalized the grave. But immediately after that was discovered, other high school kids cleaned the mess up and started keeping little angels on the tree over looking her grave and the grave itself. Jon Benet's half sister is buried next to her...she was Mr. Ramsey's older daughter who was killed in a car wreck, I think.

Anyway, the street will probably be blocked off at some point but with any luck at all, I'll never know about it because I'm going to go out in the yard and do some work. I have a new rosemary plant that I'm going to put on the top of my terra cotta planter. You know those terra cotta planters with holes in the sides? My grandmother had one with some sort of succulent plant coming out of all the holes. I grow different spices out of each hole.

OH...by the way....." i am the king, and your always wrong" ...I was wondering where in any of my posts did I give that impression?

Actually, it was either a lucky strike or serious perception because that sort of IS the situation. I'm dealing with that right now. I'm so patient, I let a lot go by without saying a word. It's not any good for anyone.

I even SAY to the guy, "I only deal with such shit for a while and then I stop." That's a good enough caveat if you ask me. Now, I just sit back and see what happens. Like I said, I'm very patient.

Of course, with the "John" incident, the other one has been elevated to "only guy" status by default. I don't think that I absolutely have to replace John right away. That can take effort and the effort never works anyway. You just meet someone else in some stupid way.

I still haven't met a guy in a grocery store yet but that's probably because I totally missed the line when it came. I may have taken a grocery store pick-up line like, "Do you know where the Hungry Man's Dinners For One are?" and assumed the guy just wanted to know where the TV dinner's were. I usually miss out on pick-up lines. Rick used to tell me that.

I would be talking to some guy, just to be pleasant, nothing else. And later on, Rick would say, "He was hitting on you." or "He thought you were hitting on him." He would say that guys take my chatting with them as flirting.

Whatever. I haven't changed yet.

When I was 18, I went on a vacation across the Southwest on my way to San Francisco (where I ended up living, actually Petaluma, Ca. for two years.). I was in Hollywood, on Hollywood Boulevard, waiting for my a guy that I met on my trip to come out of his office. I was literally sitting on the curb in front of the building. Some man came up to me and leaned over to ask me a question. He said, "Would you like to go on a date with me?"

I was so pleased with my bad self. I thought that I must be hot, to be getting hit on in Hollywood. Then, my friend came down and took me to a Greek restaurant for lunch. I told him about the guy who thought that I was pretty. He laughed and said, "He thought you were a hooker!"

I wished he hadn't said that. Up until then, I felt totally cool. That just burst my bubble.

Anyway, I just mis-read men so maybe I could have had a grocery store pick-up if I had paid closer attention. Or, maybe I could do the "shopping". Yeah, that's it. No that's no good, I would know all the answers to any questions that you might ask in a grocery store.

Maybe I should try an auto parts store! I can repeat a performance of a stupid thing that I did once The look on the guy's face when I did it was priceless. So much so, that I have to do it again, every so often.

The first time that I did it, I was really just stupid. After that, I did it for the amazing fun of it. I went to an auto parts store because the funnel that I was using for the oil was too big. So, I needed a smaller one. I told the guy at the counter.

He said, "They're all the same size."

"Well, this funnel is too big for my oil hole."

"That funnel fits all cars."

"Not mine."

He was insistent, "They are all THIS size!"

"Well, the hole on mine is a helluva lot smaller than that and the holes in every other car that I've ever had have been the same size. I need the SMALL funnel!"

"Show me where you're putting the oil."

So, I took him outside and showed him. He said, "That's the dipstick hole."

Then, he showed me a HUGE hole that his funnel would fit in. I was amazed. It took half as long to pour and you spilled much less. Then, if it wasn't bad enough that I didn't know that in the first place, I thought other people didn't know it either so I told them.

Eventually, I felt appropriately stupid. I guess I had seen someone check the oil but not need to fill it so I just thought that the stupid tiny hole was the one where you put the oil.

Anyway, after I bought a cam-corder, my daughter and I took it to an auto parts store and filmed me doing that to an innocent clerk. That was fun. I miss my daughter. We have so much fun together.

We go to the Dollar Store and ask for price checks, over and over again. We go to grocery stores or Target and throw tampax in some young dude's cart who happens to be shopping alone. Maybe a douche or two.

That really is fun. You should try it some time. It's really just good, old-fashoined, harmless fun. If you get really creative, you can have a lot of fun for very little money. Just remember to get in line behind the guy so that you can see his reaction when the checker scans the douche.

Well, my kitchen is a mess so I have to clean it up. Then, I'm going to go out and work in the yard for a little while. Have a good afternoon!



Blogger Karin's Korner said...

My daughters and I do the same thing at Walmart, although we use condoms. Way to much fun.

June 29, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...


For sure! I do get a huge kick out of that crap. Condoms are good for little old ladies. Actually, condoms are good for pretty much anyone. I'm going shopping soon to buy some baby back ribs. It's my birthday and I want to grill baby backs on my grill. I've been looking forward the this for a long time.

OK, I've been out working in the thousand degree heat so I need a shower, then I'm going to the grocery store and then to my drunk meeting and then I'll grill my ribs.

See ya later!


June 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey meg..its roger the bugman..ok well you didnt give the preception so well..however i wasnt trying for a lucky hit and miss..i could tell by the way he talked and how i use to be like that when i was in my stage of hating women, and it was becasue of things that had happened to me way back..and until this year, remember i think i told you..i never knew what i was doing..and well from the actions he has dispalyed then he is telling you that its his way or no way..like i said has he asid lets talk, i want to know if you feel like i do and lets go futher and be exclusive..and thinds like that, or he went the other way and said..look i want to know who you have fucked and why and so on..and has he gotten more demanding eachtime..heres one to try..the nest time he talks in his sleep talk back , from a distance..i bet you will see hes dreaming about some woman he wanted to hurt for doing something to him..like cheating or so on...trust me, i use to have vivid dreams of killing my ex wife and her family beasue she killed my baby before it was born and her dad paid for her to do it...i carried tht hate for a long time and until i got it out i use to obsess over it..so just watch it..ok.,.i was like this guy, i would never hurt you, in the sense i would hit you, but i would control you other ways and the way i would have done it was by the i am the king my way or no way..

June 30, 2006  

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