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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good morning!

I did have a great time last night. The restaurant we went to had private booths with curtains that you could close to make yourselves the only people around. That was lovely. In my younger days, I would have made better use of that privacy but now I'm old enough to wait until I get home. I did just that.

When I did get home, I went to put my bustierre on but I couldn't find anything to wear with it and I would have looked stupid wearing NOTHING but that. Then, I went to find the sexy nightie I was talking about before but I could only find the robe to it, once again, not good enough. So, I just put on a nice gown and went to the couch to start the festivities. I went on an escapade with my tongue, going to places where no woman has been before. I sought out new lands and new excitations. I made sure it was, indeed, a Happy Birthday for him.

The only downside of the whole night was that he decided to spend the night. Ordinarily, I would like that but after he fell asleep, he began talking in his sleep. I was listening and laughing because he was apparently in some argument and he was making threats and saying, "I'll make you sorry, don't think I won't!" And just then, he did. He began punching ME in the head. I shouted, "Stop, you're hitting me, wake up!" He felt really badly, of course. But, I don't think I'll be inviting him to sleep at my place again anytime soon. If I do, I'll go to the couch as soon as I hear the first snore.

So, other than being beat down by a sleeping dude, it was great.

Today I have to go to the doctor and I'm a tad unnerved about that because I'll be getting the lab results from the last blood that they drew and the way I've been losing weight, I'm kind of worried but I won't borrow any trouble until I have to. I'm out of every single one of my prescriptions so I'll have to get refills but I don't know how I'll pay for all of them. Most of them are just $10 with the co-pay but 3 of them only come in brand names so those are $20 each. I'll figure something out.

I did finally get that hedge trimmer. The day I got it, it rained like an SOB so I couldn't use it but it's dry enough out there to do it today so I probably will. The chainsaw was a bit of overkill but I have come up with a few uses for that as well. If I can just handle the weight of it, I should be fine.

Well, I'm gonna suck some more...COFFEE! And then I'll be back. My brain needs some stimulation right now. It has to catch up with the rest of my body which was totally stimulated last night.:):):)



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