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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


So...today is Biff's birthday and I've decided to take him out to dinner at a restaurant called Scalini's where you can eat free on your birthday. If I just order an appetizer, it should be cheap enough for me to handle.

I had my son go out and get him a gift...he came up with the DVD of Resevior Dogs, a movie that we both like but not one that I would have chosen. I would have gotten something that I know he liked particularly well like a movie about WWII or war planes. But, this'll have to do.

And, of course, I'll invite him back to my place where I have some nice outfits to model for him. I have an adorable bustierre that I rarely get a chance to wear and another sexy little thing that I actually put on for another guy last year.

We were at the other guy's apartment and he was playing on his computer and sort of chatting with me. I slipped out of the room, saying that I was going to the rest room and when I did, I changed into the negligee and came back and sat down next to him. He was so into what he was doing on his computer and chatting about his ex that he never noticed that I was wearing an outfit that said, "Come on big boy...do me now."

I sat there for a half an hour waiting for him to notice what I was wearing and then I just got up and went back to the rest room, changed into my clothes and walked out of the apartment after explaining why I was leaving. I'm sure he felt like an idiot but that was no excuse and it didn't help me or my ego.

I KNOW that Biff won't miss the point when I change for him tonight. He'll most assuredly be happy with what I'm planning for tonight because I'm going to try to re-create that amazing blow job that I gave him last week. I'll do one thing different...I'm gonna hum Happy Birthday to You while I'm doing it. The humming seemed to help last time although it wasn't any particular melody, just the "MMMMHHHHMMMMMHHH" of enjoyment that I was feeling at the moment. I've read about hummers before but never really tried it. I must say, I should have been humming a long time ago.

OK then, I am going to soak in a nice bath and use all of my special lotions so that I smell wonderful wherever he may stick his nose. We're going out for an early dinner because he wants to do something afterwards, but we haven't decided what yet. Of course, we'll end the evening at my place, but we'll probably do something in between dinner and the hummer.

Have a good one!



Anonymous Anonymous said...


June 14, 2006  
Blogger Anne Arky said...

Instead of humming "Happy Birthday", you should go into Marilyn mode and sing it breathily to him thusly:
"Happy buhthday Mr. President".

June 15, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

First of all, we did have a lovely evening and secindly, I actually considered the Marylin Monroe version of the song but I learned a very long time ago that the last person to sing out loud on a man's birthday was me. If I had done that, unlike Miss Monroe, no one would have been in a very sexy mood. If I should decide to do a comedy routine for him, I WILL keep that in mind!


June 15, 2006  

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