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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Good morning!

I'm too tired to be out of bed but I had to get up because there were two dogs licking my face to get me to get up. If I don't respond to the face licking, they both get up on the bed and start licking anything that's not covered by the blankets so I move pretty quickly then. I hate that. It's nice to be loved but sometimes I wish I had this place to myself again. Instead, I'm well on my way to becoming "that crazy old lady down the street who takes in all the strays".

It looks like a lovely day out there so if I ever wake all the way up, I'm going to go out there and trim those damn hedges. I finally got some hedge clippers so I should be able to make short work out of that task. I still have the chainsaw so if I really got ambitious, I could chain saw a few other things that the hedge trimmers wouldn't take care of. I could go nuts out there with all the crap growing out there in that jungle of a back yard. I can't even find my garden anymore.

I'm growing some vegetables on the deck but they won't be edible for a few weeks or more so I just get to water them for now. My spices seem to be drying out so I guess we're gonna have a dry year again. Maybe I should plant some more cacti. The last time we had a drought I did that because I got tired of all those spindly, dried out zinnias and marigolds. The cacti did well but they didn't last the winter.

The house is a mess but I don't care because I feel like crap. I'll feel better sooner or later and then I'll clean up but for now, it can just stay a pig sty.

That's another one of the benefits of being single...I can clean up when I want to, how and want to and wearing whatever the hell I want to. Not that I wear any freaky stuff when I clean, that just flowed well with the sentence. I do wear an apron, OVER my clothes, because I hate getting the clothes dirty. Aprons are tough to find nowadays and I don't get that. Has apron wearing gone out of style while I wasn't looking? I run around this house dressed like Edith Bunker in my apron, cleaning up and doing laundry. Not today though. At least not yet. I see a nap in my very near future.

Before I go I just wanted to mention how glad I was to see that the great majority of you guys do indeed tell your partners, "I love you." so often. If you don't and that's OK with your partner, cool. Whatever floats your boat. But if there's someone who wants to hear it more often, and I'm sure that there are, look at the poll results and think about it some. It really is a good idea, especially if one of you needs it. It always puts a smile on someone's face and that can never be wrong.

See ya later,



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