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Monday, June 12, 2006

Hi there!

I got back home late last night and went straight to bed...alone. That was sad after sleeping with someone else. I had a great time swimming, gambling, eating and just hanging out in the room. My favorite part was sleeping with someone else. I like putting my leg over someone and cuddling up next to them, don't you?

I collected a bunch of shells and sand dollars. I don't think Biff got much of a kick out of that but he went along with the shell collecting for me. We got up early Saturday morning so that I could find them before anyone else did. I found one huge shell and was carrying it down the sand bar to the bucket when something touched my wrist. The shell was still being used by some creature so I threw it in the water and ran down the sand bar, screaming. That was embarrassing, I must say. That beach has a sand bar that's perpendicular to the beach. You can walk at least a half mile out into the ocean on it and from the beach it looks like people are walking on water. We wanted to watch the sun rise but it was a bit hazy and by the time we saw the sun, it was halfway up the sky and only about the size of the moon. That was disappointing. Somehow I had pictured this beautiful, giant sun coming over the horizon but I didn't get that.

Saturday evening we went to the casino and gambled. I sat down at the black jack table and got 21 my first hand and then I won three hands in a row. I ended up losing everything that I won but before I lost it all, I gave Biff back the money he gave me to gamble with so I didn't really lose anything and I had a great time so I guess I actually won.

The bed and breakfast had great breakfasts, which it should have for what it cost to stay there. It was really nice. That was the first time I've ever stayed at a bed and breakfast. It was fun because there were other people to talk to if you wanted to talk to them and I really didn't, but they were pleasant anyway. I'll have to go back there sometime.

And to the chick who asked me to get some for her...I got enough for everyone:)

I'm still tired so I think I'm going to go back to bed. I had to get up to feed the animals so I thought I'd pop in and say hello but I'm just yawning here so I'm gonna post this, sleep a bit more and come back later.

See ya!



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