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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I had a great time at the beach...

...without burning this time. I usually burn within the first couple of hours but last time I also got sun poisoning, eyes swelled shut, lips like Angelina Jolie...the whole 9 yards. So, now I put so much lotion on that I barely get pink. I buy the baby stuff that comes in a chap-stick like tube and then rub it all over myself, from the face down. I wear a hat with a huge rim and a t-shirt as well. So, I avoided the sun poisoning...and the sharks.

I had fun, I did. We walked out to the sand bar and stood up like we were walking on the water. We could have gone to Clearwater Beach but a while back I found a beach called Madiera Beach that is as nice as Clearwater but it has a fraction of the people. It's a few miles south of Clearwater Beach.

I bought myself a bathing suit with some of the money that my father gave me. He told me to buy myself some clothes so I did. I bought a bunch of 2's because that's what I wore the last time I bought clothes (I hate trying them on, I'd rather exchange them.) but the bathing suit was a 6 and it was just fine so I think that the Marinol is working really well. If it keeps up like this, I won't have to take it much longer. It's certainly giving me an appetite, I can eat an entire meal and I haven't really been able to do that for a couple of years (except for the time that I smoked that pot...it absolutely did make me hungry.)

Anyway, I think I've gotten everything taken care of here except for choosing the right person to check in and help my father out. I will probably go home this weekend if not sooner. I do miss my house and the ability to turn the AC as cold as I want it.

I also miss my remote control. Jean has the remore here and she freaks if anyone tries to watch anything. She loves Lifetime and I absolutely despise it and the sexist trash that they show on it. I have actually had to take a xanax or two because she is so annoying. I have to keep reminding myself that she doesn't mean it and isn't trying to be a pain in the ass, it just comes out like that. The one night that I put a movie in and watched it, she stormed out of the living room and went to bed. Nobody wants to annoy her anymore.

My father is right behind me again, snoring on and off. I think the clicking of the keyboard is keeping him awake. When he walked in here, he said, "So, you're about done?" I said, "Nope, I just started."

But...he doesn't have Alzheimer's and when he gets mad, it's for real so I should probably wrap this up and finish telling you what I wanted to tell you in the morning.

My options now are to stay here and annoy my father, go into the living room with Jean and watch stupid stuff on TV or go to bed and I'm not tired. My sweet friend is in there chatting with Jean so I should go relieve him. I'm sure he doesn't enjoy what he's doing now...he's just a really, really nice guy. Maybe I should go to bed:):):)



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