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Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm finally getting some things done...

...as the needs arise. Today we had an "elopement" so I could justify an alarm sytem. All that's left is to explain it to the inmate. This is fun. I'm in Tampa and I haven't been any closer to the beach than I am right now...sitting at this desk.

I did get up to a swamp, but that's not at all as nice as a gulf coast beach. I don't have a bathing suit and I don't really want one. I guess you have to have one but I hate wearing bathing suits. I wouldn't mind if they were those big, black and white striped (maybe they were red and white, but the pictures were all black and white so you tend to think of them as black and white) puffy things that go down to a woman's knees. I could swim in one of those things. Not competitively, but I could swim.

No beach for me yet. I had fully intended to be out of here by now. I still have some things to do so I don't even know if I WILL get to the stupid beach at this point. I'm worrying about everyone today. These people here in my face and my daughter, who left Chicago by car Saturday morning headed for L.A.. The last time I text messaged her, she was west of Amarillo and had been stuck in some traffic nightmare.

I hate traffic jams in the desert during a heat wave...don't you? I hate heat...period. I walk outside of this condo and I want to die. It's hideously hot and humid. I can't imagine how much worse it can get. This is like some horribly hot place in the middle of Africa-hot. GEEEAAAAAAWED....I hate hot.

If I had been born on the continent of Africa...or any such hot place, I would have moved so far north that I could build a house that I could choose to heat or not to heat. I could freeze my ass off if I wanted to...or I could start a fire and have a bit of hot...not too much, just enough.

It doesn't work so well this way....trying to keep the inside cold. It's too fricking hot so you sweat like some animal and then you walk inside to an air conditioned place and then you freeze your ass off from being wet. That is just so stupid. Whoever created all this crap...that was dumb. There is no good reason to make a place so hot unless it truly is hell and then I guess everyone asked for eternal damnation.

My step mother was getting restless so I told her to ask my father to take her for a walk. He did. That's so sweet. Now, while they're gone, I'm gonna run and turn the AC up...these people sit around in 100 degree heat with 150% humidity and say that it's not warm enough for the AC to be turned on. These two people enjoy bickering with each other regarding every single topic that I can think of...except when it comes to that one point...it's not warm enough for the AC yet. Well, it's going on now...suckers!!!!!

Alrighty...I'm going to go and see what I can make them for dinner. They're old people, they're pretty easy to please. I could choose the funkiest vegetable that I could think of and they would eat it. But I'd have to eat it too and I'm not going to be a vegetable martyr. So, I'll just make something normal like Rick's list of vegetables...pea, corn. You can't go wrong with those...pea, corn is as good a list of vegetables as anyone could have.

OK then, tonight....PEAS!



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