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Sunday, July 23, 2006


...I've had an interesting day. First, my father woke we 15 minutes before he wanted to leave for Starbucks. So, I threw on some clothes, put my hair in a pony tail and ran out to Starbucks. We ended up going to Starbucks in a very nice mall that hadn't opened yet. The Starbucks was open, but the mall wasn't. Then, on the way home, he decided to go out for brunch. So we did.

I had on no make-up and I was wearing an over sized Cubs t-shirt and dirty sneakers. But, into the restuarant I went because daddy wants to. We had a nice time, but I don't see why the rush to get to a closed mall. Anyway, we went home and my father asked if we wanted to see the manatees. We said "Sure!"

My father said that we could take showers first but then he changed his mind so we left and I was still in serious need of an all over cleansing. It's hot all over and it's hotter here because it's always hotter here. Anyway, I need a shower. But, I figured that I was only going to sweat more so what the heck. I got in the car and left to see the manatees.

When we left, I picked up the map and asked, "Where are we going?" I had the map open to the page that had Tampa as opposed to the entire state. He pointed in the area of Tarpon Springs and spun his finger around and said..."Over here somewhere."

I said, "Tarpon Springs?"

He said, "Somewhere that way." I should have known right then that something was up.

When we got close to Tarpon Springs, he said, "Let me see what's north of Tarpon Springs." I told him that I would have to open the state map for that. He said, "OK then."

That man knew he was taking me far, far away and he didn't tell me. An hour past Tarpon Springs, we got to the manatee place. We chatted (newspeak for bitched) back and forth about politics the entire way. It was a very, very long ride. We finally got to the manatees but there was one small problem...we got there an hour after the last boat left.

BUT...the restaurant and tiny "museum" were still open. And...they did have a two-headed turtle. So, I got to see that.

I thought that perhaps we could go to the beach since I am in FLORIDA! But, the place where we were, while right on the coast, has no beach. It's all swampy marsh land or some such sludge. So, I was looking at the map on the way home and I saw a coupon for a genuine Indian Tribe...Seminoles.

I have to wonder how genuine those Indians are. How does an Indian get a web site? If you're nestled between a coupon for Jellystone Florida and one for St. Augustine's Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum...what kind of Indian are you?

Whatever. Now I am cooking my father dinner. We're all eating better than usual. He has a cook and I have someone to buy all of the groceries. This is as close as I've come to having money in my pocket that I can spend without worrying in months. That's such a nice feeling. I would like to have more money to spend now. I have another problem. That damn lottery plan hasn't panned out one little bit.

Well, I'm off to cook dinner...see ya later!



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