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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Jean and I just got back...

...from the nail salon. I started to do her nails but they were so nasty that I cleaned them as well as I could and took her to have them done professionally. Since we were there, I had the same done. And, I broke one of my most important rules...never say yes to someone speaking in another language unless you are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE of what they’re asking. So, now I have flowers made out of diamonds on my big toenails.

They are pretty, but I thought I was saying yes to another coat of nail polish. It’s OK, I guess if you’re going to have diamonds on your toes, you should have them on your toes while you’re in Florida wearing sandals.

It’s storming outside now or else I would be on my way home. The storm began while we were at the salon and it’s a nasty one. Now I’m stuck here for another night with Jean at the controls of the television.

My father wanted to watch Mission Impossible, but Jean won’t allow it because she can’t abide Tom Cruise. Then, he grabbed The Last Samurai and she nixed that as well. She won’t watch anything with Tom Cruise because "of what he did to Nicole." We all know that he’s nuts, but that doesn’t mean that ALL of his movies are bad.

My father said that Clearwater is the headquarters for The Church of Scientology. I just read a book that mentioned that "church". I didn’t know that they really believed in aliens. Now Tom is a bit wackier than I had ever realized. Apparently, I am an alien stuck in a human being’s body. I hadn’t a clue. Maybe THAT’S why I left my body that time I was having the out of body experiment. I guess I was trying to get back to the mother ship.

Anyway, my father decided to watch a tape that he has with the best of Johnny Carson. That should be good. I have to say that I miss Seinfeld. If I wait until Jean goes to bed, I can watch middle of the night TV, but other than that...all I can watch is the evil white men on Lifetime.

Once she went to bed last night I was able to watch the news and I saw that they acquitted Andrea Yates of murder. I couldn’t believe that...innocent because of the fact that she’s nuts? That’s bullshit. I prefer the guilty but insane verdict that other places have. If she needs help, she should get it...but those babies will always be dead so she should never be free. The Defense said that they took her case pro bono because they believed that the guilty verdict was wrong.

There are so many people who deserve help in this country (who DIDN’T murder children) that I just cannot believe that they chose her to donate their valuable time to. Then, her nutcase of an ex-husband stands by her still...even though he is married to another woman. He stood out on the court steps and said that Andrea was "psychotic". Well, perhaps she was...so why did he leave his children with her? If she truly was a nut..then he should be punished for leaving his children with a nut. I’m stunned that no one seems to be responsible for 5 dead children.

What do you guys think of that case? Hinkley is allowed visits home and he shot the president...Andrea could be allowed out and if she became pregnant again...who can guarantee that she wouldn’t murder another baby. Is it just me...or is this just insane?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

All you bitches are nuts making guys do only what you ask and deserve like you can't see it! Poor little (usually fat) things! Sugar and spice MY ASS! I'm glad for the lady who cares for me now @47 after dealing with a crazy Ho for many years. I'm glad for the beautiful people who promote good relationships rather than destroy themselves and others with their wicked ways!

July 27, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrea is still condemned to life in an institution. Did you ever see One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest? She's been committed to the nuthouse for life. Just like Jack Nicholson. I don't think they give Lobotomies any more, though.

Her other conviction, the one that was over turned because the prosecution's expert witness was a liar, was guilty murder one. I think they were going to put her to death but that was unlikely due to legal mumbo jumbo, so she probably would have her sentence commuted to life in prison w/o parole -- and no mental help.

Maybe she can do something positive with her life behind bars once she gets her wits back. I do think she was nuts when she killed her kids. And I believe that she will never get over the horrible guilt she suffers every waking moment.

I think her husband was in a state of denial when she did it.

July 27, 2006  
Blogger SolarisGal said...

Hey girlfriend -

No, you are definitely not insane. That Andrea Yates deserved a much harsher punishment, in my book. She should have been skinned alive if you the hell ask me!

Now, as for Tom Cruise, personally, I can't stand the guy. Not only did he do what he did to Nicole, but he also spoke shit in reference to Brooke Shields.

Your comment on Lifetime TV, however, is not funny. As a female, that channel is like my religion.

Ahh, just messin' with you! Gotcha! LOL LOL

July 27, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

I accidentally deleted this comment instead of hitting publish:

I know a woman who works with Rusty Yates, and who met Andrea a few times while she and Rusty were married. Rusty is a rather primitive sexist fundy, who believes that a wife's place is making many babies for her husband and raising those babies with limited financial support and even less emotional support.

Andrea was completely and utterly out of her gourd for months after each birth. She was diagnosed with major post-partum depression and/or psychosis. And yet, Rusty insisted on making more babies with her every time, even though he had been informed that each pregnancy and birth was doing further harm to Andrea's mental health.

Andrea would have been happy to stop having kids, but Rusty wasn't, and Andrea was too damaged to tell Rusty "no," so if you must lay blame, blame the one who should be blamed, Rusty. He is the one who insisted that Andrea and five young children live in a renovated school bus with few basic amenities. He is the one who wanted her therapy stopped, because the therapist was trying to empower Andrea to say that she was done having kids and that she needed more support to deal with raising five young kids.

Andrea doesn't WANT any more babies. She's no longer married to a man who views her as his personal baby factory. She's no longer a danger, if you factor that into the equation.

I have no problem with Andrea being found innocent by reason of insanity. There is no reason to punish this poor woman any further. Maybe now she'll get the help she so desperately needs.

And as far as Rusty goes, his new wife is done having kids, and supposedly, Rusty is on board with that. I pray that's true.

Back to me...I absolutely agree that Rusty, at the very least, shares the responsibility and that he should have been given prison time. And, I also pray that he never has another child again. He had his chance to take care of little children and proved to the world that he isn't fit.


July 29, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

I have to respond to the pleasant person who wrote the first comment:

Suck my dick.


July 29, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm noiw that might be a bit difficult LOL

July 31, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pray for Andrea Yates and her situation. I can't i-m-a-g-i-n-e being her and knowing in full she KILLED her OWN CHILDREN.

It must have been UTTER HELL trying to take care of 5 kids at once while being severely depressed.

As for Rusty being "sexist and primitive", I couldn't agree more. His actions in forcing his wife to have more children (when she was in over her head) sicken me.

I bet Rusty and Tom Cruise would get a long just fine. Neither Andrea nor Katie have gotten help for depression with psychiatry before they had breakdowns.

And Rusty should serve prison time for what he did. Has he? Nope.

August 05, 2006  

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