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Friday, April 18, 2008

Back in May of '05...

...I had my license suspended. That didn't stop me from driving though...I don't know why...but it didn't. I HAD to go to work so I did. I used to have a real problem driving anywhere near the speed limit. I usually drove, at the very least, 5 miles over the limit. If the speed limit had more room, like 65, I would have gone at least ten miles over the limit.

I had this arrogant attitude that said, "I'm not driving any faster than I can handle the car...I know what I'm doing." I even drove over 80 MPH with my left foot out the driver's window. (That was over 25 years ago. I'd NEVER do that now.) I did stupid stuff, I admit. But I never hit anything after I had 3 quick fender benders as a teenager. All three of those accidents were caused by me listening to someone else. Either some guy behind me honked, the person next to me said, "GO!", or the truck driver coming from the left told me it was clear. If I hadn't listened to those people, I would be able to say that I've NEVER gotten into a wreck. So, I don't EVER...UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES...listen to anyone else. Honk all day, the nut from the left can just go on and get out of my line of sight and the person sitting in the car with me all might as well give up, I totally block them out. I refuse to listen to a word they say when it has to do with my driving.

Until I hit something, I'll keep on ignoring other people. Damn, did I digress or what? I forgot what I was talking about...wait a sec. Oh yeah.

Anyway, when my license was suspended, I got stopped for speeding. The cops had physically taken my license but I found one that I had lost a while back. So, I gave the man that license. Somehow I mentioned that it might be suspended and he called the dispatch people to run wants and warrants and to see if my license was good. I lucked out...the computer was down. He couldn't arrest me and impound the car which is what they do.

When I finally went to court, they knew that my license was suspended so they charged me with that and then they lowered it to driving without a valid license...apparently not as bad as driving with a suspended license. I didn't have the money to pay for that ticket so I didn't. My license was already suspended and when I said that I couldn't afford the 500 bucks they wanted, the lady said, "Well, if you don't pay it, we'll suspend your license."

I said, "It's already suspended."

To which she replied, "We'll suspend it again.

So I retorted, "What does that mean...I really REALLY can't drive?"

Between that and another driving with a suspended license (once again, I got out without going to jail or having the car impounded. I did get lucky occasionally...not that it's worth it.) I had a LOT of fines and I was out of the state when I had the court date for the speeding ticket that I mentioned early on in this post so technically I had a failure to appear but they never put a warrant out for me. When I finally had the money to pay the fines, I went to court and took care of it myself. No one knew why they didn't issue a bench warrant.

After my little stint in the county lock up, I never ever wanted to go back so I TOTALLY stopped driving until I did get my license back. It was still sort of scary to drive for a while...I had been without one for so long. Anyway, I've had it for so long that I'm used to it again.

I slowly took care of all the tickets and fines that I had to pay and today was the last one. I now have absolutely NOTHING in the future so far as court dates go. My license is perfect and by November of this year, ALL of that crap will be over 3 years old so then my insurance will go back down.

Anyway, I'm fine but with my luck, I've just jinxed myself. OMG...I hope I don't get any tickets within the next week...or worse yet, get into a wreck. Ick...I hate to even think about it especially when I'm driving away for the weekend. And I'm doing so with my record and license all taken care of and that feels nice.

Do you know what this means? It means that I can afford a speeding ticket.



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