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Thursday, April 17, 2008

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Sorry I didn't come back last night...

...I took some phenergan for nausea and it knocked me out for the night.

Yesterday while I was volunteering at the Humane Society of Cobb County, I was also thinking about how much I wanted to tell you guys about that place. First of all...the ladies who work there were great. Every single one of them went around to all the animals and gave them each some affection. They also knew the names of ALL of the animals they have there. You can tell how much they adore their animals. Secondly, it's a no-kill shelter and they keep the animals until they find a home. That means that some of those animals have spent their entire lives (years!!!) there.

Some of those animals are really, really sad cases although none of them have life too easy. One of the cats is a beautiful, pure white cat who is deaf. She's a sweetheart and she would make a great pet for a family with a deaf child or the house cat of a school for the deaf. Of course, you wouldn't have to be deaf to adopt her...but if there is a parent of a deaf child within driving distance of Marietta, go get that cat! You'll never be sorry and your child could learn so much from having a deaf pet. Here she is:

They also have rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, gerbils and all different kinds of birds. People are paying a lot of money for animals from pet shops when they could be picking up these animals at the Humane Society for an adoption fee. Oh! I forgot the chinchillas! They have 2 beautiful chinchillas who are so gentle that you can feed them raisins by hand without fear of being bitten. The shelter only takes gentle animals so that there's a chance of finding them a home. You simply cannot go wrong adopting a pet from this place. This rabbit is much prettier than the pictures shows, he looks like a Siamese cat:

Then they have a dog who everyone thinks is a pure bred beagle. His name is ADD which stands for Another Darling Dog. And he most certainly is a darling dog. He's about a year old and he's another perfect pet for a family with small kids. The dog is pretty small (my dog is so big that most others look small to me.) and wouldn't knock over a kid over 3 feet tall. He is so playful that you can't walk by him without hearing him whine for you to come and let him out. Thhe shelter lets the dogs play with each other and this one is very good with other dogs. He just needs a family...really badly. As gentle as he is, it's too bad that he hasn't anyone to love him. Look at this little sweetie:

Here is Copper...a beagle dachsund mix. He's Add's buddy. They spend their days together so they both would make great companions for a lone dog who spends a lot of time at home alone. Seperation anxiety can be fixed easily with another dog. Meet Copper, a great watch dog because he thinks he is a German Shepherd:

Of course, they have more cats than anything else. It's so cool to work with them because you get to see the different cat personalities. Some of them try to jump into your arms as you change the food bowls. They're the ones who are tough to walk away from. They obviously want a person to cuddle with.

Almost all of the cats are adults. One of them is the mother of a litter that were all adopted out. A lot of the females are like that...the mother comes in with a litter of kittens and they find homes for all of the kittens but the mothers are left there, in a cage...for life or until someone comes and takes them home. The one I mentioned is one of the sweet little cats that needs attention. She loves people and could really use a family to call her own. Here she is, she was a kitten when she had kittens and she's been in the shelter ever since...2 years:

These adult cats are perfect for old people who live alone. Little old ladies love it when cats cuddle up on their laps and these are the types of cats who would do that. Also, pets make older people feel needed and that's a good thing. No matter how much we need our grown children, it's nice to have someone to take care of on a daily basis. So, if you know of an older person who lives alone, come and get them a sweet, affectionate cat and watch how quickly they fall in love with it.

All of these animals are fixed and have their shots. They're also quite healthy and parasite free. The people who get an animal from the Humane Society of Cobb County (or any no-kill shelter) will have an animal that requires very little veterinary care.

If you are in the Marietta area, stop by and ask the ladies about the animals they have. (Tell them Meg sent you!) Let them know what you're looking for and they'll tell you which animal would best suit you and your family. You won't have any training phase to go through, just an animal who's already proven itself to be a safe and gentle soul. If you don't live around here but you know someone who does...please forward this to them. If I can find a home for just ONE of those animals, it would make my year.

I'm sure that there's a no-kill shelter close to you...find out and post it here so that more people know about them.

Here's the link to the page with pictures of most of the animals:



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