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Monday, June 16, 2008

I don't blame Tom Cruise one bit!!!

I love men too! This morning when I went to do the stuff that I said that I had to do, my car wouldn't start because the stupid alarm system was armed and ready to keep the engine from turning. I called a man...because that's what I do...and he came to my rescue.

That alarm has been screwing with me for 3 years now and I don't mind saying, I wanted it DEAD!!! Over the years, everything else on that car has broken, but I couldn't kill that insane alarm system. There's no method to it's madness...it arms itself when the wind blows funny. My son pulled something out from under the dash and we had to disarm it by poking metal objects into the silver thingie that looks like a cable hook-up. I prayed each time that I wouldn't get zapped. But when it happened this morning, I couldn't do a damned thing to start my car.

All this time, my son, who has a degree in automotive technology, hasn't been able to wound that fucker...much less kill it. Well, today, my man did it. And by doing something simple like pulling the plug on the alarm system.

Yes, any of us could have done that at any time but I never knew that's what the box was. I was out there for over 2 hours this morning, pulling fuses and kicking fenders...nothing worked. But the man is Da Man!

I like this one. He's my new man. It's very early in our relationship to make such a declaration, but any man who comes to my house and performs needed man work moves quickly up the chain and becomes THE man. That one little favor was like 10 dates. I think I may have to give him more than a nice kiss next time I see him. I'm not really sure what the rules are on this type of thing, but hell...I haven't made out with a guy in so long that I'll break the fricking rules.

Oh! I have to call the back up guy and tell him not to come over.....BRB.

All right then.....that's done. I'm golden.

How anyone could think that I dislike men is beyond me...I simply adore them. They are so talented regarding things about which I have no clue. Without men, I might have to walk a lot and even open doors by myself! OMG! I'd have to pay my own way when I go out! I'd even have to learn to use a vibrator (since my son accidentally gave me one for Christmas, I do have one. In case you didn't read about that, he thought it was a back massager. Imagine my surprise.) Jeez, all the things that I would have to do alone are truly daunting.

Now....the part of my day that will torture me indefinitely...I've been entrusted with a secret that I can't tell anyone and that's driving me insane! Some day I MIGHT be able to write about it, but for now, anything I say would blow the entire surprise and that can't be. Don't you hate that?

OK then...right now I have to see if I can salvage any part of the day so I'll do that and then I'll be right back.

One more time before I go...I LOVE MEN!


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