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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I was going to...

...write something here last night but I couldn't think of anything to write about so I figured I would just do it in the morning. Well, it's morning. The only thing new is that I slept all night and then I woke up and fed the animals.

I have TOTALLY spoiled my dog when it comes to feeding him. I told you before that I made him kibble omelets...that turned into some sort of people food all the time. I mix it with the dog food. This morning I didn't feel like cooking eggs so I just stuck a TV dinner in the microwave and then I cut up the meat and dumped the entire thing in with the dog food. I mixed it up really, really well because I didn't want him to just eat the TV dinner and leave the dog food. I don't know HOW in the world he did it, but somehow he ate everything but the peas from the TV dinner. The bowl had a can of Alpo in it, a bunch of kibble and one turkey TV dinner all mixed together and he ate it all without eating the peas:

Amazing, isn't it? When you think about the fact that he did it without a fork, spoon or opposable thumbs, it's really perplexing. How do dogs do that? How do they eat all around the peas just using a dog mouth? I'm baffled.

That's why I can't put his medicine in the food. He would eat a huge bowl full of food and that one little pill would be sitting on the bottom of the bowl. And after the way he reacted to fleas last year, I don't take any chances anymore. I put everything that I can think of on him to keep him flea free. I even order those Capstar pills that kill every flea that bites him. Payton is one giant flea bait dog...any flea that jumps on him had better jump off without biting him or it's curtains for the flea. You would think that after a while, the fleas would start spreading the word..."Don't jump on that guy, Frankflea and Fredflea tried it and we NEVER saw them again!"

It's easy to give Payton his medicine, but the cats are a pain in the ass. I have to catch them and then wrap them like a papoose and then hold them like a football so that I can have both hands free to open their mouths, shove the pill in and then hold their mouth shut until they swallow it. At best, they're in such a hurry to get away that they scratch the heck out of my lap with their back claws. Declawing them just stops them from scratching the furniture, it does nothing to stop them from using their back claws when they jump off of me.

Did I tell you about my 500 dollar electric bill? Well, to be honest, it was $499 and change. It has NEVER been so high before. The worst it's ever been is a bit over 300 so I had no reason to think that using the AC would cost me so much. I didn't even keep it at 72 degrees...I wouldn't want to annoy the rest of the world by doing that so I had it at 75. THAT'S what cost me 500 bucks. I've turned the AC off and opened the windows and turned on all of the fans. I've been sleeping on the couch with the front door open. I can do that because no one can get close to my house without Payton barking like a maniac. He's the best burglar alarm that I could have.

So, if you drive down Polk Street in Marietta and see a house with the front door wide open, don't even THINK about coming near the door. Payton may be very sweet, but he is one intimidating canine. I've never seen anybody look at that huge dog when he's barking and come closer, people usually just back away and leave when they see him. When I traded a husband in for that dog, I truly got the good end of the deal.

This is what Payton does when he hears something...and all he heard was me knocking on the wall. He's STILL barking as I write this:

LOLOLOL, yep, I am one safe woman with that dog around here.


Blogger SolarisGal said...

Hiii Payton!

June 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My dog has some medical problems that she needs to take pills for. Only problem: she can smell them no matter what we mix them in. And, if by chance, she does take them--she pukes them up. My husband is beyond frustrated. She needs the meds to live at this point so it is a vicious cycle. I have no clue how some dogs are smart enough to know all this. Our other dog would eat anything you put in front of him.


June 19, 2008  
Blogger Meg said...


Payton would never eat the medicine in his food either. I have to hold his head up, drop the pill in the back of his mouth and hold his jaws shut until he swallows. I'll tape myself doing it to show you what I mean. Give me a few minutes to check my email and I'll show you what I mean.


June 19, 2008  

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