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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

OK then...

...let me try this again. I just noticed an ad for a website called HireMyMom.com. It's a website tha supposedly gets work for women writers. There's only one catch, you have to pay a hundred bucks a year to join the site that wants YOU!

Yesterday I saw an ad for a nurse, it specifically said "Job Openings!" But when you go to the site, they're trying to get you to enroll in their school. How lame is that? A couple of years ago I wrote a post about such blatant bullshit and it just seems to be getting more wide spread.

I take particular offense at the HireMyMom site. They are actually scamming women because they believe that women are stupid enough to pay to join a bullshit web site. I suppose that if a person is that stupid, they really shouldn't have the money anyway but the word "Mom" in the ad implies tat there are kids who could probably use that hundred dollars a helluva lot more than the scam artists who created the site. So many of these businesses would NEVER get away with this crap if they had a store front office. But with the advent of the Internet, scams abound.

When I think about the way that David Reardon (the guy who owns Shillings on the Square, the restaurant that was scamming it's own employees) allows his "management" to treat the servers, it disgusts me. He has a supervisor whose name is Janette and she actually calls the servers "fucking idiots" on a regular basis. Every single one of the employees that I've spoken to have confirmed that. And, 4 women with whom I spoke all claimed that Reardon was rather touchy feely with them. You would have thought that people like this were litigated out of existence over the past few decades but they certainly do still remain.

What a shame that is. People who take jobs as servers usually don't have a lot of other options. And those who work at Shillings are mostly far too hard up to complain so they have to just sit back and take that treatment.

I don't depend on Shillings, Reardon or Janette for ANYTHING so I can tell you what those fools are doing wthout fear of being fired. The poor employees can't do that. It absolutely needs to be done, though.

Shillings is on the Marietta Square, as I mentioned before. The entire Square area is populated mostly Cobb County legal professionals and businesses that cater to them. Shillings is one of those restaurants. That means that while they were "paying" their employees with paychecks that equal zero dollars and claiming that they were sending the money to FICA, they did so right in front of attorneys and prosecutors. And as I said, they did all of that without having the employees fill out tax paperwork. But since I've been making calls to confirm all of this, they finally had the entire place fill the forms out.

Here is one of the paychecks. Notice how the taxes taken out equal EXACTLY what the employee earned:

Reardon has Janette sign the checks. Does that mean that she's the one who would take the fall if there was trouble over that?

If you can't read the numbers, here they are: Hours-63 TGross-133.97 Tips 475 FICA-46.59 WH Tax-73.08 State-14.30 for a grand total of exactly what this server earned to give him this zeroed paycheck, all without ever filling out one single piece of IRS paperwork:

Does anyone out there see anything else wrong with this that I'm missing?


Anonymous Cheryl said...

Hey Meg!

Weird...I guess my comment yesterday didn't work. Anywho, I've been meaning to ask you for awhile now...you've been an extra in a few films, right? What line do they make you say when you're in a crowd scene and the crowd murmurs?? I've always wanted to know that! Just one of those useless facts that have been eating away at me... :)


June 17, 2008  
Blogger Dick said...

Honey, the reason she has a 0 paycheck is because servers make $2.13 an hour, PLUS TIPS. The tips are usually around $15 - $20 an hour. SOOO, the server gets 0 dollars because the $2.13 an hour wasn't enough to cover her tax liability.

It works like this...if a server makes $400 that week working 20 hours, and then owed about $100 in taxes, the $2.13 only covers about $42 of the $100 tax burden. The server will still owe the other $60 at the end of the year when he or she files.

I suggest you mind your own business and quit trying to act all smart and uppity, you're making a complete jack-ass out of yourself, and you're also slandering good people.

June 17, 2008  
Blogger Meg said...

That depends. If there is a conversation going on with the principles, the extras have to shut up and they add the crowd sounds later.

If we are speaking, we're usually saying exactly what is appropriate like when Madea got out of jail we cheered for her and said stuff like "You go girl!"

If we're just supposed to look like we're talking behind the principles, we mime something. I usually mime a song or a poem.

The best answer is that it varies and rarely do you hear exactly what goes on in the movie. Generally, most sound other than the principles' lines is added post production. They would absolutely add murmuring later in most cases because everyone has to be really, really quiet on the set if lines are being spoken. Most movies are edited and full of effects that are taken care of after the actual filming is done.

Does that answer your question?


June 17, 2008  
Blogger Meg said...


I'm not one of the desperate servers, you can't intimidate me with that bullshit. I have so much paperwork to verify everything that I said that you sould be careful who you accuse of slander.

Also, if there are ANY other servers out there who get paychecks with zero dollars and do NOT work for David Reardon, I'd like to hear from them. EVERY other restaurant in Cobb County charges employees 8% while Shillings charges them 20%. And NOT ONE other restaurant gives out paychecks with NO MONEY! Your bullshit sounded just like the bullshit that Reardon gave me, he didn't convince me and neither do you.

I have about 25 paychecks that are for zero dollars and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has the same perfect math that this one has. What are the odds of that happening by chance? And how did he do all of that without tax forms? Why is he desperately trying to fix the situation now?

Reardon actually said, "I am the only one doing it right, the rest of them are doing it wrong."

I did a LOT of investigating before I made this stuff public.

And if you consider a man who sexually harrasses servers and a supervisor who calls the servers "fucking idiots" to be "good people", you have a twisted idea of what a good person is.

Tell David to expect a real investigation soon. This was too big for me to handle so I reported it to people who can deal with him and I turned over copies of everything that I have.

You can't treat people the way he does and think that employees won't WANT to help uncover such practices.

Have a lovely day.

And by the way, I'm NOT your "honey" By referring to me as such, you simply serve to back up the sexual harrassment claims.

What a Moe Ron.

June 17, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I cant believe he called you honey like that. Thanks again for helping us Margaret. We all got an actual paychcek this week because of you!

June 17, 2008  
Blogger Kiss Dis said...

I had an asshole manager who runs the Dunwoody Restaurant Group. That little midget limping cocksucker HWE or HEW...he smacked a server with the check vinil booklet for some stupid shit and hit her hard on her hand. AllI did was say" If he ever does that shit to me, he'll be damn sorry. I'd sue his ass". He never would look me in the eye after that. Little shit.

June 17, 2008  
Blogger mylifeatfullspeed said...

honey??? BAHAHAHAHA!!!

whew! sorry, for some reason that just cracked me the hell up.

So, I was really interested in how they got to zero on the paycheck, because I've never seen that before. Now, I only worked in restaurants for about 5 years and then owned them for another 13. So I could just not have enough experience...

Which is why I went and asked hubby, who grew up in a restaurant since his family owned them before he was even born. And he's owned them for at least 20 years on his own. I showed him the check images and had him read about it and after the expected, "Get the fuck out of here! Is this a joke?", he said, "They are fucking the employees. I have never given a check for $0 and honestly think that having your taxes equal your income would be as frequent an occurrence as winning the lottery. It's not going to happen."

So, while we are not really claiming to know all about restaurant payroll...it seems pretty clear to us that this is totally and completely bogus.

Bravo for blowing the whistle on this guy! Scumbags like that don't deserve their business license.

Good luck!!


June 17, 2008  

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