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Thursday, June 19, 2008

This is pathetic...

An Indiana man (I'm sorry, he's not a man, he's a fully developed male) named Steve Tyron robbed a little girl, Dominique Morefield.

Dominique needed a few bucks so she did what a lot of little girls do, she sold lemonade from her little lemonade stand. I did that when I was a little girl and it never occurred to me that anyone would steal my money. My only security was the lid of the baby food jar that I used to keep my money in.

But Dominique didn't have the luck that I had. She was held up at her stand. Her robber wasn't another kid from down the street, it was an adult. But, Dominique has something that Steve Tyron will never have. She has courage. that little girl chased the thief until he ducked into his house and then she called the police who came to her rescue. Tyron hid in his house, holding police at bay for 45 minutes. Not only is he a thief, but Steve Tyron is a yellow thief. The cowardly nit wit was surrounded by cops and he hid like a 3 year old.

But kudos to Dominique..she had the courage to hunt the crook down and she had enough brains to do the right thing. That little girl will have a great future, of that I'm sure. At 12 years old she already has more chutzpah, more brains and more motivation to earn her own money than the full grown Tyron will ever have.



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