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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I just got home from the Marietta Police Department...

...where I finally met with a detective who behaved like a professional police officer. He didn't attempt to defend the other cops that I spoke with, he simply treated me like a witness to a crime. He mentioned that the case might not go much further because of the time that has elapsed but he will be bringing the dude in to be interrogated like a suspect in a crime. That's all I ever wanted.

So...I am now pleased with the local police again.

Of course, I'm not happy with the Philadelphia Eagles and today I'm mentioning one of a long line of sponsors that I will be boycotting until Mike Vick no longer has a job with the NFL.

Today's company non grata:

Reebok Corporation

Not only is Reebok a sponsor, but they have started selling Michael Vick jerseys again. If you boycott no other company, focus your efforts on Reebok. This is a company that just does not seem to care about its customers.

President and CEO: Uli Becker

CFO: John Warren

Chief Marketing Officer: Matthew H. (Matt) O’Toole
1895 J. W. Foster Blvd.Canton, MA 02021


Blogger Sous Gal said...

Thank GAWD Meg, finally someone is doing something.

Further to my last comment...he phoned LOL

August 18, 2009  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Yeah...I'm tickled pink that someone listened to me!!!

And yeah again, we have to play that silly game to get them to call. Whatever dudes! Sooner or later they all do!


August 18, 2009  
Blogger Sous Gal said...

Can't wait to hear what the police come back with, or maybe you'll have to call them to find out? :)

So dude and I are going to dinner. We talk fine enough and it's nice. But still, again, I won't chase some guy. Isn't it a known that the man shows the interest? Isn't it sad when they do that passive/aggressive "call me if you want" shit? Man up. Ask her if she'd like to see you again, if she says Yes, suggest a day/evening, time and activity. If she says "nah..." at least everyone's on the same page!

August 18, 2009  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

I would think it's a given but one thing I've learned since I've been single again is that the new rules don't really relate to the old rules. BUT...I still play by the old rules because I don't understand the new ones. Keep up your own values...somewhere in the backs of their heads men are aware of the old rules...they are just confused by women who play by new rules. Give him a chance to understand your rules and if he doesn't man up then, move on down the road!

Good luck!


August 21, 2009  

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