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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have just finished speaking...

...to the 4th Marietta police officer who has ignored me over the assault that I suffered on June 21. This one called me after I tried to complain to the chief of police. When I tried to call the chief, I was told that I would have to start by complaining to the commander. I left a message with the commander and never heard back from him. I did, however, receive a call from a shift supervisor at 7 AM who told me that in order to file a formal complaint, I had to speak to him first. Then he said that he would investigate my complaint when the officers were back at work (they've left for the day) after which I would be invited to come and file the formal complaint. If that makes no sense to you...join the club.

After I was assaulted on the 21rst of June, I had to call the police 3 times to get anyone who would listen to me about the assault. I was told that the perp would be charged with domestic violence which I didn't understand because I barely knew the man. I figured the court would let me know when I needed to testify but when I didn't hear from them, I called to find out what the status of the court case was. The clerk didn't know what I was talking about so it was obvious that the cops lied to me when they told me that they would be arresting the coward who assaulted me.


I'm not sure why, but the guy who just got done telling me that he couldn't take my complaint until he spoke to the officers that I wanted to complain about just called me with a new story. Now I should go to the police department and file a complaint form BEFORE the investigation. He said he "couldn't get in touch with the officers involved" so instead of making me wait, he thought he would call and tell me to go fill out the form.

When I originally asked him how to file a formal complaint he said that I would talk to him. I asked if there wasn't any paperwork to fill out and he said that there was, but I would do that AFTER he spoke to the officers about which I'm complaining. When I asked if they investigated BEFORE I filed the complaint he responded, "Yes, when you file the complaint you'll want to speak to someone who knows what's going on." Apparently it's NOW OK to speak to someone who is clueless about the situation. That's fine, I don't really know how he would have investigated anything before I actually complained anyway.

I learned something new...according to the officer that I just spoke to, the guy said that I assaulted HIM. I spent the entire assault on my back in total defense mode and there is one other thing, I DO have pictures of my injuries and there was a witness who stopped to help me when he saw the guy assaulting me in the street. The witness said that he had called the police who showed up within a few minutes. He even told the dude not to leave until the cops got there. The cop just told me that there was NO 911 call and that the original officer said that he just happened upon "2 cars with 4 people in them". That cop, Officer Braxton, never got the witness's name so I'll have to find that myself by posting a sign on a phone poll near where the assault occurred.

Up until this morning, I would have been happy to have the person who assaulted me arrested for assault. Now I have been put in a situation where I MUST file a complaint about the cops who ignored my pleas for help. After I found out that the police lied and that they never arrested the bum in the first place, I tried to find out what happened and the cop to whom I was speaking just said, "I can see you're not going to be happy no matter what I say." Well, he didn't SAY anything...once again...except for defending the actions of the cops who showed up first. If I weren't so disgusted, I would laugh at the way ALL FOUR COPS were concerned, not with me or my injuries, but with explaining to me why the previous cops didn't do their jobs in the first place. So now I'm more annoyed at the Marietta Police Department than I am at the yahoo who beat me up in the first place. I'm sure that when I look at the pictures of my injuries again, my anger will go back to the woman beater who attacked me but right now, I'm stunned that I can't find one cop in this town who cares that a woman beater is free to roam around their city.

Even if they didn't care that I was assaulted, you would think that they might be concerned that someone they DO care about might be next.

Here are the posts that tell you what happened that night:



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