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Friday, September 04, 2009

I have a kazillion things to do today...

...but first I decided to take pictures. So, here they are.

I call this one Morning Coffee:

This one is Morning Coffee in the New Cold War:

I certainly think we're in the middle of a new cold war and I think that it's being conducted against government dissidents who dare speak out against the current...and I say this in the most specifically literal way that I am able...'politically correct' reasoning du jour.

Sadly, the more popular "thinkers" could belch into a microphone and their adoring constituents would hail it as proof that we need Big Brother to extort one sixth of the nation's economy by any means possible.

Sycophant's abound and what their supporters lack in brain power, they make up for in voting power. Ignorance and dyspepsia tend to occupy the void created when a mind refuses to think independently. Independent thoughts have given way to Mildred-Think. Mildred was the wife of Montag in Fahrenheit 451 who spent her days eating happy pills and obsessing over the mindless drivel and pretty pictures on her 3 large TV screens. When Bradbury described those screens, 3 TV's was an insane idea. His foresight was genius but he did underestimate the popularity of square, light projecting objects that serve to fill the voids left when active thought leaves town.

Oh sure, he was on target when writing of what happens when the millstone of unbridled brain power is lifted from a society weary of evil capitalists and of bearing perceived burdens. But I don't think he appreciated the virulence of cerebral laziness and the speed with which Future Shock would carry us into a world we never had a chance to survey. Not only can't you go home...you can't go back to the world you knew 20 years ago. It no longer exists.

If you were to sell your brain on Craigslist, would the ad say "High mileage" or "Like New"?

Man...did I digress or what???

OK, I'm going to publish this because the future is not assured nor is my electricity. I would feel like a jack ass if they cut off my power before I got to my point.


Zepplin Meat Loaf and Manfred Mann


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Got a wife and kids that wanted more jack, I went out for a ride and I never went back"

Hungry Heart - B. Springsteen

September 05, 2009  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

The wife and kids were in Baltimore, Jack.

September 05, 2009  

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