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Friday, October 08, 2010

How do you know when you're over your ex?

1. "Your song" becomes fun to listen to when you're with someone else.
2. The fantasy of assassinating him seems less pertinent in daily life.
3. When you remember his antics, instead of thinking, "I hope he suffers exquisitely for that.", you simply shake your head and walk away.
4. You also shake your head when you realize how ugly he really was...but THAT one is on you.
5. You finally realize that you will NEVER want to look at him again so you finally throw away all pictures of the fool.
6. You don't WANT his team to win but you don't go out of your way to WATCH them get beaten.
7. Karma has arrived in the knowledge that he has to live with himself...and that's just fine.
8. You realize that as long as your hair may be, you could pass a follicular "EX" test.
9. Not ALL men's underwear reminds you of the skid marks he left in his. Actually, it wasn't just me...most underpants don't have any of them!
10. He's no longer "stuck in the middle with you". Now he's the clown to the left of you or the joker to the right.



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