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Friday, October 08, 2010

One of the main purposes...

...of having a government is, according to the US Constitution, to provide for the common defense. Whomever it is that does the ranking, any list-0-functions granted the government has a well trained military way up on top. Lucky for us, we live in a country that has an excellent military.

Our nation is dotted with MEPS centers where "experts" do their level best to weed out any undesirables, for whatever reason they may be deemed as such.

Los Angeles has a HUGE MEPS facility and a LOT of men and women go through it to test for the "hardest job they'll ever love". It would be nice if we were all ensured that only the best is there to choose the best of the best to put out there on that "wall" to which Nicholson referred in A Few Good Men.

But, sadly for us (and those next to some new recruits in battle), 'America...we have a problem.'

A man named Christopher Kelly is holding himself out to be a physician in the Los Angeles MEPS center. The problem is, although he claims to be licensed in Hawaii, he is not. Maybe he's licensed in California, right? After all, that's where he practices. But...guess what? Nope. Be a good sleuth on your own. Look up "Doctor" Christopher Kelly in both states. Then, for the hell of it, call the MEPS facility in LA and ask for Dr. Kelly. You can even ask him what he does there. Go ahead...I dare ya.

The only catch is that you have to bitch to someone about it once you have the facts in front of you.



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