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Wednesday, December 01, 2010


If memory serves, this is SNOW!!! I haven't seen snow during the day in decades. It might snow a tad in Atlanta but you have to get up before the sun does if you want to see it. Yesterday I saw little tiny white balls that people were calling snow, but snow is supposed to be in the form of flakes so I didn't call it snow. And then, this morning, I looked out the window and identified absolute flakes hitting the screen.
I didn't have glasses on but I could tell that the white stuff was blowing up and down the street. I got dressed, long johns and all, and went outside to look at the strange substance and decided to grab a picture for you. Maybe someday soon I'll have a picture of the winter-wonderlands of my youth!

An hour later:

Well, it's not quite a winter-wonderland yet but here is a snow update for the street on which I live! I will keep you updated on the accumulation, shabby though it may be:


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