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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Lesbians are annoyed...

...at Justin Bieber because he changed his hair and as we all know, they hate to primp so none of them want to have to get a new hair do. I guess the bangs that were too long are easier than the "style" that Bieber is currently sporting. That was actually on the news this morning.

I fall asleep listening to the TV on so this morning I heard about the sad tale of lesbian woe as I woke up. The pathetic stories did not end there. I heard that Gary Busey was "dirty dancing" in public. For some reason, my foggy, half asleep brain told my eyes to look at the TV screen and when I did, I saw Busey "rocking" to some song better suited for a younger person who isn't planning to rent Richard Simmons Senior Citizens Dancing To The Oldies video. Because of that, I didn't need coffee this morning. My cardiac system thanks you Gary but the rest of me curses my foggy, half asleep brain.

When the Busey bushwhack was over, I crawled out of bed and crept silently downstairs. I go to bed very early specifically so that I can wake up early enough to have some alone time. I find it difficult to do because there's a little girl here who also goes to bed too early. If someone were to turn off the TV while I was asleep, I wouldn't be asleep anymore. Apparently, my waking up has the same effect on that little girl. So this morning, my alone time was spent helping her study for a biology test. We took about an hour to do that and when we finished, she informed me that the test isn't until Friday. I could have come to the computer a couple of hours ago but instead, I was explaining what a striated muscle was. I didn't learn such things until I was in college, I have no clue why a 10 year old needs to know now. Shouldn't they be learning something useful like what an onion skin looks like under a microscope?

It could be worse, I could be ignorant of the lesbian/Bieber hostilities. Of course, the 10 year old was present for that news alert AND she was asking questions. (10 year olds seem to be quite interested in all things Bieber.) She isn't my kid so I couldn't really explain a lesbian and I certainly couldn't explain why many of them hate to primp.

After the study session (biology, not lesbian), she asked me to make her breakfast. I fried a couple of eggs and made some toast and then as I was carrying her food in one hand and her juice in the other, I stepped into a puddle of pee so big that both of my socks were doggy urine soaked.

My feet are currently naked and cold, I'm in serious need of a Xanax and it isn't even 7 AM.

Have a loverly day!


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