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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

He's not an asshole, he's just brain damaged.

While trying to understand why a certain person had no respect for my personal space whatsoever, I googled personal space. I learned that the current thinking links the concept of personal space to the amygdalae, which "is shown in research to perform a primary role in the processing and the memories of emotional reaction, it is part of the limbic system which is linked to emotions. The amygdala processes reactions to violations concerning personal space. These reactions are absent in persons in whom the amygdala is damaged bilaterally."

 I also learned that "Monkey mothers who had amygdala damage showed a reduction in maternal behaviors towards their infants, often physically abusing or neglecting them."  Also, "A variety of data shows the amygdala has a substantial role in mental states, and is related to many psychological disorders." And, "The left amygdala has been linked to social anxiety, obsessive and compulsive disorders, and post traumatic stress, as well as more broadly to separation and general anxiety In a 2003 study, subjects with borderline personality disorder showed significantly greater left amygdala activity than normal control subjects." Further, "Animal studies have shown that stimulating the amygdala appears to increase both sexual and aggressive behavior. Likewise, studies using brain lesions have shown that harm to the amygdala may produce the opposite effect. Thus, it appears that this part of the brain may play a role in the display and modulation of aggression."


Blogger Clare Smith said...

I found your blog. I want to share mine with you. I have only posted one story. It is about deciding to divorce yesterday.

I will continue to follow yours. I look forward to the humor in yours.

July 02, 2012  

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