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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

One of the hazards of being a woman...

...(or of being a dude who likes to wear nail polish) is that when you do it yourself and apply the fourth layer (two layers of the color and two layers of the clear) too close to bed time, you wake up with the polish intact but it will be impressed with the sheet I was sleeping under. I would have thought a few hours would have been enough but, alas, I was wrong.

Maybe I should just give in a have my nails done professionally but for one thing, I can't afford it. Also, there's the fact that when I was younger, I always did them by myself and somehow I never felt self-conscious. For all I know, doing one's own nail polish is one of those things that have baffled me since I became single again like the pussy shaving fad...hell, even men are taking razors down there. I would have thought that a man would consider shaving below the neck far too much effort. Anyway, I have no idea about such things...hell, I still use those pink spongy hair curlers. I'm sick of burning my neck with curling irons. The neck is very sensitive to the searing heat produced by electrified appliances. Over the years, I imagine that I've affected all of my neck skin with second degree burns... mainly in the forms of long, straight burns. And I gotta tell you, I'd rather break a leg than deal with the pain of the burn. That pain sticks around for a bit and I'm forced to walk around, holding an ice pack or two, for hours until the pain goes away enough to tolerate going ice-less.

Well, back to my fingernails, the sheet impressions are nothing that can't be fixed with another coat of clear nail polish. I have my clear, all I need is for my fingers to take a break. I'm surprised that they haven't given up yet because, as I can easily see by looking at them, they seem to be holding water. I didn't even know that your hands could do that. I think I could show it to you...BRB.

 See? My fingers are fat, aren't they? No other part of me is swelling up like my hands are.

Fat, thin or in between, my nails are going to be nicely painted...now.


Blogger Tundra Woman said...

ahhh, Meg-Forget the nails for the moment (yeah, I get this, I do my own as well and I'll give ya some tips later, OK?) In view of the medical issues, the swelling fingers ain't a good sign, OK? You sure your feet/ankles aren't swelling up as well? (It doesn't count if you've been spending more time horizontal than vertical.) Are you on any diuretic meds? Like BPs that also have a bit of hydochlorothyizide in them? Look at your meds first-any changes since the last trip to Bed-Pan alley? Any changes in amounts? Before you end up BACK in Bed-Pan alley, please call your Primary and let 'em know what's up here, OK?
Thanks. You do that and I'll tell you my no-fail super-duper "secrets" to the nail thing. Promise.

October 03, 2012  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

I was on a med that contained lisinopril and HCTZ but they DC'd it during my last visit. I have some here, I just can't find it. When I saw my fingers swell, I went to look for it, I'll try looking again. I know the swelling is disconcerting but I was trying to make light of it in the post.

Now, how about those nail tips?

October 04, 2012  
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