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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Mystery Flavor...the options are endless.

So, here I am, minding my own business, lunching on a rather large bag of Jelly Belly's when I suddenly, and without notice, find myself tasting my very first jalapeno pepper Jelly Belly. I didn't see one of them, or any sort of pepper, listed on the back of the bag. But...there WAS a mystery flavor and I think I found it. Jelly Belly is sponsoring a Mystery Flavor Sweepstakes and I think I'll enter. I could enter as an actual Facebook page and/or blog type of entity and you guys could all contribute ideas as to the moniker this flavor should bear from hence forth. It's an official Jelly Belly flavor so it can't be something like, "Hot as Shit!" Any ideas would be welcomed and fully credited should we win.

I think this is the link to my Facebook page, I could be wrong. Friend me if you want to follow along although I'll just put the same stuff on my blog so you'd be good here.


So, earlier today I found myself using the phrase, "How do you do?" I surprised myself with that one. I try to watch my grammar/lexicon when I speak but that doesn't usually mean going back to a 1940's era vernacular. Oh well, if that's the silliest thing that I've said today, I'm doing pretty well.

Actually, the major cause of my lack of silliness has more to do with the fact that I have no one to be silly to anymore. You know, like friends. I need one badly. I was thinking about that the other day when it occurred to me that I had more fun when I was in the Cuckoo's Nest than I have since I left. I didn't appreciate a lot of that place, mostly the visible security restraints and the claustrophobia that it caused. But, while I was there, I was surrounded by other people who were pleasant to chat with, non-judgemental in their attitude and funny in the way one of them took a header down the trash chute in the dining room. Sure, one or 5 of them totally flipped out and required a frighteningly high level of "treatment", a few started screaming like lunatics and attacking staff and some of us...but all in all, the normal people were actually fun to spend time with. We played cards, watched movies and laughed at the real nuts. As one guy said, "It's one thing to be suicidal, it's quite another to be crazy." Looking back, the real fun had just started when my little clique began getting discharged. I wish I had known that they would be the last "friends" that I would have for a long time.

I enjoy going out because I can hang out with other people. I enjoy shooting pool for that reason. A little social lubricant and a nice game of pool can have quite a fun, chatty and happy benefits. The kind of benefits you get from a friend. There's just something freeing about being able to be yourself and smile with other people who actually LIKE you!

Not that I don't appreciate my friends from the Cuckoo's Nest and the local pub, I actually adore two of them, but I'd like to have these same things happening on a regular basis, like they do when you have a friend.

I miss having friends. When I was about 15, I read the magazine Seventeen. It was a publication that catered to girls my age and contained things that would concern us like acne, puppy love and occasionally (if I was lucky), an article about Donny Osmond. Once I remember reading an article about how to make friends. It basically said to pick someone, walk up to them and invite them to some social occasion. Well, I did just that.

There was a new girl at Fenton High School that year, she had transferred from Addison Trail when her parents moved to Wooddale. I lived in Bensenville and both small suburbs shared Fenton High. Anyway, for some reason we found ourselves sitting on the indoor bench's across the hall from the office. It was after school and that's about all I remember of that day except for the fact that after chatting for a while, I invited her to my house for a sleepover the following Friday night. We finished high school the best of friends and a few years later I stood up for her at her wedding, which also happened to be the same night I became pregnant with my youngest. I was using rhythm and the champagne mixed with my husband's quip, "Well, it's almost midnight so it is the right day." convinced me to make a baby.

Oddly enough, my friend's husband got another woman pregnant after they got married so she was separated before my son was even born. It scared the heck out of my friend, she never married again. She's a beautiful, successful woman and she chose to stay single after her brief foray into married life.

Anyway, I need to go out and find a friend. Anyone interested?


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