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Monday, April 08, 2013


Yesterday I went to the grocery store to get popsicle's. While I was there, naturally I picked up a couple of rather large boxes of candy. I merrily brought home a bag of treats any 4 year old would never be allowed to eat. They'd want to, but no parent would allow it.

The ability to own large boxes of candy and popsicles is just about my favorite part of being an adult. When I married at 18 and became in charge of groceries, I went bananas. I replaced my childhood Wheaties, Cheerios, Rice Krispies and the dreaded shredded wheat...with Fruit Loops, Cap'n Crunch and Fruitie Pebbles. It was lovely. I think I still bought an occasional box of Rice Krispies, just to chat with my food. One day, I was listening for the usual, "Snap Crackle Pop" but I swear I heard the Krispies say, "Snap Crackle Blow me"

Anyway, when I arrived home from shopping, I had a decision to make. I pondered which big box-o-candy I should sample first. Looking back, I made the wrong choice. I chose the Nerds. I took my time to carefully open it so that I would leave a small opening through which I would pour out my Nerds. It's amazing how many Nerds fell out of that small opening the first time I emptied some into my hand. There were too many for me to keep in my mouth and the box hole was so small it would be much harder to put back 200 nerds than it had been to get them out. So, I typed with my right hand (like I'm doing right now, coincidentally. I'm eating one of my popsicles as I type this. Shifting is tricky but I can type rather quickly with one hand as long as it's my right.) and at one point, for some stupid reason, I tried to use my left hand that was full of Nerds. By then, my sweat had them sticking to my fingers and, unbeknownst to me, one was stuck to the finger I was going to type with. Wait, it gets better.

I noticed the errant Nerd as it landed above the "E" on my keyboard. I went to pick it up but somehow it escaped under my "E". I thought I had gotten it out but I was mistaken. I didn't notice it until I couldn't sign in to Facebook. After they began threatening to block me from ever trying again, I remembered the Nerd. I checked and sure enough, it hadn't fallen out when I tipped the laptop over, I just shoved it under the "E". I'm not quite sure how to handle this but if I keep using the "E" anyway (it works when you hit the corner of the key) I may not have to worry about it. That Nerd just might shatter and then my "E" would work until the Nerd powder screws up something under the keyboard.

I should have gone with my instincts and opened my Good and Plenty first. One of them would never fit under a key. I watched this as I ate some last night...and yes, I shook my box:

This is what my box looks like...I'd take a picture but I don't have a camera. I bet I come across one before I finish eating them. But for now:


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