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Friday, April 12, 2013

Now this is a sign that will increase cleanliness

I've seen many signs in many loo's that suggest that we wash our hands. Here's one that just might get the nastiest of all people to wash up after a visit to the can.

I not only wash my hands after I use the Ladies room, I also take paper towels and use them to open the door because every slob who didn't wash up has touched that doorknob. Luckily, there's almost always a trash can within reach of the door so you can toss the e.coli soaked paper towel into the can before you leave.

I'm not one of those fake clean people who only wash their hands if there's someone else in the loo, I wash up regardless. Perhaps it's because, as a nurse, I know the potential illness's that people carry on their hands. But my daughter is NOT a nurse and she not only washes her hands, her ass never touches the toilet seat. She has some powerful thighs from years of toilet hovering.

Now, if I had a public restroom, I would post this picture over each urinal, toilet AND on the door so that if someone thinks they can just lazily pee (or worse) without washing up, they might think twice.

Just remember, every person who didn't wash their hands HAS to touch the door knob on the way out so that sucker is dangerous to the nth degree (whatever that means).


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