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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

This could only come from Down-Under

A NORTHERN Territory minister has come under fire on Facebook after bizarrely weighing in on Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy. Country Liberal Party member and MP for Katherine, Willem Rudolf Westra van Holthe sparked a flurry of angry Facebook responses...

Now...why on Earth would a guy be "under fire" for speaking the truth? His point was an excellent one, many others suffer quietly every day, everywhere and from every status level on this planet. I survived cancer twice, I never thought it was heroic, all I did was try to survive. I think most people would have done the same. If I could have had a planned procedure to prevent ever getting cancer, I would have done it happily. And yeah, I would have had the titties chopped off in a heartbeat. The only difference is that I can't afford the best boobie surgeons in the world. So, if self-preservation is heroic, then God bless every spider that spins a web, every big cat that kills a fawn and every shark that chows down on people. Not that self-preservation can't be heroic, the 3 young ladies in Cleveland has taught us that. But surgery in the South of France isn't quite the same thing.

Only those from La-La-Land can think that their "suffering" is any more painful than that of those who can't afford to find a place to live...or die...when they need it the most. And these people conduct their lives with decency and by the social laws that they can't afford to dismiss when their hormones call for a thoughtless scratching of an itch that must be satiated. Most people try to respect others and when faced with decisions, they try to choose the decisions that would least affect any innocents. Jolie has chosen the path of least resistance, of most pleasure for her and very little that didn't ruin lives along the way at every possible turn.

When she does do something perceived as "heroic", it's difficult to refrain from distrusting her motives. It's not too tough to go buy a starving kid here or there, but it takes time, effort and true compassion to use your resources to fund a center that allows people to accomplish things without the ever-present worry of survival. All they do every day IS survive and that takes a lot for us with much more than they have, how difficult must it be to have no control over the necessities of life while trying to better your circumstances?

Jolie's Princess Diana impersonation has one vital flaw...she lacks all perception of sincerity and I don't see how she could ever get it back...boobs or no boobs.

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health-fitness/nt-minister-willem-westra-van-holthe-calls-pitt-pathetic-for-praising-jolies-heroic-mastectomy/story-fneuzlbd-1226642910760#ixzz2TN0aAIBs


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