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Friday, May 03, 2013

Things that drive me crazy...

...and a few that make me want to react violently. You can pretty much SAY anything to me and I won't mind. If I want to say something back to you, I can or if what you said was extra special stupid, I could just chuckle and walk away. I don't worry about getting into fights with people so most people don't attack me physically. Well, no one I KNOW anyway. Of course you could hurt someone I care about to get to me, but I wouldn't advise it. I may seem sedate but that's because I choose to be sedate. I know how to act like a lunatic...I simply choose not to. I know it's always an option and I save lunacy for when it's necessary.

Man, this was supposed to be a list, not a monologue. Oh well, that all explains number one on my list-o-annoying shit that very well may provoke a visibly physical response. The first way to drive me insane is to invade my personal space. That so rarely ever happens that when it does, I usually start swinging my arms around all over the place, actually flailing my arms would be a more appropriate use of verbiage. One would think that should get the message across, wouldn't one? I'd try explaining it but I doubt someone that disrespectful of personal space would grasp my explanation.

I've read that a lack of respect for another person's space is a symptom in many anti-social behaviors...usually the more psychotic of us are totally unaware of the entire concept of personal space. It seems to me that we should probably make it a point to stay away from those who are invasive when it comes to our own space.

Another thing on my list is similar but has the added offense of an unwelcome, unsolicited kisses. You know that kiss that a freak wants because it makes them feel as though everything is OK...because you kissed them? Nothing has changed except you had to turn your neck and pucker. Sometimes you might have the added responsibility of wiping spit off of your face, but if you shortened the kiss in the first place, it shouldn't be a problem. Well, it could be if rabies were involved. But the worst, the absolute worst...is the person who kisses you and then refuses to withdraw immediately. They linger with their pig faces 5 inches from your face so you CAN NOT do anything else but stare in disbelief and wonder how long this assault will go on. That dude did that and it drove me crazy.

I was thinking about it earlier and it occurred to me that my reaction is related to the reaction I had when I freaked out having my first MRI. I had no clue how claustrophobic I was until I couldn't get out of that tube fast enough. If that dude would have caught me on a particularly bad day, I could be on trial for some "scary chick" offense.

I guess this list isn't going to be so long after all.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scary chick offense? I am so going to steal that from you.

May 04, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

LOL, go right ahead. I was gonna use something more descriptive like "a Lorena Bobbit type" offense...but I thought better of it.


May 04, 2013  

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