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Thursday, June 27, 2013

You never know what your day will bring...

Oddly enough, I actually had a bit of good luck drop into my lap today. I didn't expect it and it came in a form I wouldn't have ever considered, but good luck it was and into my lap it fell.

I've been spending my days rather busily lately, handling things like court, getting the rent taken care of and medical appointments. Today I needed to see if I could get a voucher to purchase things like A-Jax, Windex, sponges and other cleaning supplies that I need to keep this place habitable.

I won't bore you with the logistical crap that had me wandering all over trying to see if that was possible. Suffice it to say that I ended up at Metropolitan Ministry's near downtown Tampa. One of the other places I checked said that Metropilitan might be able to give me a voucher. Well, they didn't. But the guy at the counter did say that I could get what they call a "personal hygeine pack". I can always use stuff like that so I went to the appropriate room and waited for one of the social workers to call my name. As one might guess, there's a lot of waiting in the homeless life-style.

When she called my name, I went to her office and explained my filthy plight. She reiterated what the guy at the counter said and then she asked me what, specifically, I needed. I mentioned the usual things, deodorant, shampoo and soap...and then I asked, "I know this may be a silly question...but do you have baby powder for adults?" She said that no...they didn't have baby powder at all but, "Do I wear make-up?" I responded, "Sure, I'm a girl." I just don't bother wearing it when I'm walking all over town sweating it off anyway. She asked if I wanted some make-up and, of course, being a girl, I said, "Sure!"

Ten minutes later another lady came out of the supply room, apparently to get an idea what color make-up I would need and shortly after that, she brought me out a bag of make-up. I thanked her and then left the building. At some point during my walk back, I sat down to take a short break and as I did, I looked in the bag she had given me and found what amounted to at least a couple hundred bucks worth (probably more) of Vincent Longo, Paula Dorf and Cargo make up. There was a brush in there that I'm sure went for at least 50 bucks. There was also a $60 bottle of foundation. If I wanted to complain, all I could come up with is the fact that I STILL don't have any decent eye-liner. But, I have enough good make-up that I can stop trying to make my cheap stuff last.

When I was in LA visiting my daughter's family, my daughter got me a room at one of her workplace's sister hotels for a really good price. The day she picked me up from the airport, we went straight to the hotel and checked in. My daughter (ever the sweet youngin'), started unpacking my suitcase and putting my clothes in the dresser and closet. At one point, she starts naming off the designer labels on my clothes. Her jaw was dropped as she thought (and semi-mumbled), "I can't afford to wear these labels...how can YOU?!

My answer was quick, succinct and to the point..."Good Will." To that my daughter mumbled something like, "DUH!" because she must have rembered her teenaged, semi-grungy self...especially when she developed a fancy for men's work shirts, any kind, just as long as it had some guy's name on it...she had one with Guido if I remember correctly.

Anyway, you just never know. I think I'll shower, put on my designer Good Will clothes and Nordstrom's make-up and fall asleep.


Oops, sorry I screwed up the picture. Half of it is obviously my finger.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE Vincent Longo make up but I will never let that Paula Dorf crap near my face.

June 27, 2013  
Blogger Gladys said...

That is so awesome.

It reminds me of the scene from 'Clueless' where Cher decides to start helping people who have lost their belongings to fires/floods. She is giving away her super expensive skis "Daddy, these people lost EVERYTHING, I think that includes sporting equipment!"

You know what - I think I have travel sized bottles of all kinds of hotel room soap/shampoo etc. Can you get a package at your place? Maybe you could pass stuff around to other women living in your situation - have you met any? Do they need stuff, plus deodorant and tampons etc?

I'll get a Toiletries Drive going on my blog if you just give me the word.

MEN TOO - I didn't mean to leave out the men!

Meg, how long are you going to be at that hotel?

June 28, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Long enough to get stuff and pass it out. That's such a great idea...I've actually thought about it a LOT. When I fantasize about winning the lottery, I think about building neighborhoods where it would be easy to help people. And, yeah, I've thought about the little hotel bottles, I always have some lying around and I've also thought that it would be so easy to do good by dropping some things like that off at places like these. Actually, the owner stocks a machine in the lobby where he sells things like condoms, ibuprofen and even the small hotel bottles you and I spoke of. I don't know where they come from but I have been curious. Right now I have to stay here while I make other plans that I'll discuss soon.

So yeah, send stuff to:

The Good Samaritan Inn

3302 N. Florida Av.
Tampa, Florida 33605

Send it to "ATTN: Meg Kelso Room 205" under the Send To Address. I haven't been getting my mail here yet so if you sent it like that I should get it. I would pass it out fairly, I wouldn't want to see anything in a machine for 50 cents. The things you mentioned are a great idea, as would be deodorant, soap, shampoo...the stuff you think of when you take a shower. Other things that would be appreciated:

disposable table-wear
instant coffee
coffee white

I may think of more later but right now I have to walk down the street to a place called Homeless Helping Homeless. Apparently, you can "volunteer" at an hourly rate of 5 bucks. It actually sounds like fun...you work at Tropicana Field during the Rays home games. I'll let you know more about it later but ciao for now!

June 28, 2013  

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