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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Good morning!

I'm at MccyD's sucking coffee and internet service. Life is much calmer now that I have a place to stay. It isn't free but I get my own space with a locker and a lock.

My spacebar is messed up so I may have to leave it like that until I get to my daughter's desktop. Right now I'm sitting in a MccyD's in South Central LA listening to Ruby Tuesday. I've been accomplishing the things on my list, it just takes a long time by bus. I need a map...I don't know this part of LA like I know ALL of Chicago. Of course, there's no Sears Tower telling me which way is east. That sucks. I actually have to get all Ferdinand Magellen and look at the sky to get my bearings straight.

Yep...this most certainly IS an adventure. Do you realize that I could do anything I want to do?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have good news but need to talk , send me a ph no from the shelter and i will call you there . hope for bettyer things for you sooon!!!Ti

September 11, 2013  

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