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Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm in the middle of a brain fart...

...and there's nothing that I can do about it. I was thinking about something I wanted to share with y'all but by the time I was in front of a PC, I had forgotten what I came to say. It seems to me that it was something good but who knows. Certainly, not I.

Anyway...I'm not trying but I'm getting a helluva tan. I'll send a picture ASAP. I just need to get my daughter to send them from her phone. I'm not orange like tan mom...but I'm not Irish white anymore either. The last time I TRIED to get a tan, 'Rumors' was album of the year. But now...since I've been walking just about everywhere except where the buses take me, I have to find the right corner and sit down. Then, I wait for the buss. Apparently, if you do that long enough, you change colors.

I'm alone at my daughter's place and I need to take a shower so I must leave you for now but know that everything is going swimmingly for me...as I hope it is for you as well.



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