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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


It's Wednesday morning and I'm dressed for the day, about to call my daughter to confirm our plans for Benihana tonight. I have other things on my mind but as always, I find it a jinx to discuss good stuff before it happens so I have to shut up for now.

A black dude actually said to me, "You aren't one of those pale white, white women."

Excuse me but, "Oh yes I am." All I had to do was pull my pants leg up to expose my lily white legs and that's when I realized that I can't do public transportation. Between waiting at bus stops, walking to bus stops and trying to find the right bus stop, I've turned into Beyonce...with longer hair.

Anybody in LA feel like shooting pool?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes i do i know a place called the long bar, lets go play and have fun.T

September 24, 2013  

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