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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"You seem to be doing a good job at building a new life. The beach is good for that."

Yes I am and yes it is. I took a million buses to Venice Beach and danced with a man who was waltzing alone in front of some musicians playing on the boardwalk.

When I sat on the beach listening to the surf and feeling the sun beat down on my face I think..."This is just fine." Whatever else you can say, I feel well, I am taking care of businenss and I relax when I need to. I may be broke, I'm fine, my daughter is a phone call away and remember, I AM up to something.:)

Then I asked a 20-something dude if he would teach me to ride a skateboard. He did his best for about 20minutes and I finally went on my own. I plan on doing it more.

But, life is as comfortable as it's been in a while and it can only get better...but even on a bad day, I can still I can close my eyes and turn to the sun and know that I'm doing the right thing and better things are coming...much better things!


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