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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Oh crap...

I guess something had to go wrong...too many positive things were happening in my life so I needed a reminder that it can all stop at anytime. (I don't know why I would need that reminder but it made sense when I wrote it.)

Anyway, this all started a couple weeks ago when I called to make an appointment with a primary care doc. The nit wit I spoke to said that I had to go through the ER so I did. I spent 24 hours in the ER and pharmacy and then lost my medication. Yesterday morning I got a phone call from UCLA who had been trying to reach me to let me know that they had my bag-O-drugs, including 2 bottles of controlled substances that a decent person found and returned to UCLA.

I was so pleased that someone honest found my stuff that I was in a mood where I was too happy to worry about thieves. So, I got ready and left to go back to UCLA and get my meds. Like a jack-ass, I left my laptop on my bed charging and naturally, when I got back, it had been stolen. I'm 74% I know who it is but I can't do much except be sad and miss my connection to the world. And, of course, to you guys.

I did change beds...the room we're in is like a huge office with cubicles only instead of desks, they have a bed in them. I moved as far away as I could from the "thief" and rearranged all of my stuff so that I could fit it all in the closet and then I put my lock on it, and shoved the empty suitcases under the bed.

Today I came to my daughter's place and I'm watching the baby until his father gets home from work. Then, I'll continue my education in riding the LA Metro Bus System. And I thought calculus was tough!

Obviously, I'll be rare for the foreseeable future but be assured that every chance I get, I'll come to tell you about my latest escapade.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is horrible! I wonder if the laptop will turn up? How did you come up with a percentage like 74%? :>)

Stay positive. Don't go back.


September 21, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

The answer to query 1 is, nope. I'll explain why in a minute. Query number 2 is answered by the fact that I am very in tune with my feelings.


September 23, 2013  

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