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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Apparently I've created a fart monster...

...of hideous proportions. It seems as though no one else found it amusing when my grandson let it slip out (No pun intended) that "Grandma farted!" Actually, I'm glad he doesn't possess the verbal skills necessary to tell the entire story which went like this:

Joaquin and I were playing and I decided to chase him while crawling backward. When I caught up to him, I farted at him. He shouted gleefully, "Again, again!" I was spent at the time but I admit that I did repeat the entire fart chase scene twice since then.

So, this afternoon, the kid let one loose and laughed and laughed and laughed. My daughter made it clear that she was unhappy with me. I, of course, am the inventor of all fart jokes and yes, without me they wouldn't be funny. My daughter actually said, "I don't want him thinking farts are funny!"

Then she expects me to keep a straight face when she goes on and on about fart etiquette. It couldn't be done. Now she is off on another tangent and I'm still chuckling over the "farts are NOT funny!" comment.

By the way, when I farted at the kid, I didn't tell him to laugh and beg for more...he just did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI: I taught eighth grade. Some eighth grade boys like to “fart at will” to disgust girls in class. I used to try to shame them into NOT farting by explaining that one day they would grow up and find farts not quite so funny because they would be interested in the opposite sex. One year, I boy raised his hand and said, “Nun uh, farts are always funny no matter your age or gender.” He, of course, was right. Your daughter is attempting a hopeless task. Your job is to support her, but it IS funny that she thinks she can do this.

October 01, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

What an amazing young man! He is, of course, correct. My oldest gives his wife dutch ovens (fart under the blanket and then trap someone under the blanket) and she laughs every time.

October 01, 2013  

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