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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I want to go to the beach today...

...but I want to go to Venice and I'm a quick minute from Redondo Beach. But, when I took the bus to Venice Beach last time, I only took one bus. I just don't remember from where I began that day. I could have been in the hood and escaped to Venice Beach. I could have been somewhere else just as easily. This is why I keep getting lost when I take the bus. I think this sounds like the beginning of one of those days where I can't seem to get "home" after getting to wherever easily enough. Getting lost in Hollywood would have been much more frightening had I not the foresight to toss back a couple of pints of courage before I got lost.

I'm in a quandary about what I want to do today but with any luck, there'll be a place with a pool table at Venice Beach...then I'd be in pool-beach heaven. That would care of the both of my current desires. A couple other desires of mine have been attempted but they've been quite the bust in the end. (I'm snickering to me.)

OMG...the quality of my writing is about to take a nosedive. Either that or it will turn Judy Garland depressing.

As I was writing, I was also listening to music, as I prefer to do when I'm writing. It wasn't anything from my deep, angst ridden teen years like Ozzie Osburn...it was the freaking Marshall Tucker Band...Heard it in a love song. Jeez. That usually wouldn't be a problem but my daughter just went to pick up her girlfriend who just had a baby girl. I turned the music down for every one's sake, I know what an acceptable level of Marshall Tucker is. The friend whined that her baby WAS asleep. I turned the music down as they were walking in so my bad if the kid woke up. I wanted to ask her if she prefer the little brat NEVER wake up. Some degree of decency resides in my brain to mouth filter. It doesn't work as well as I would like it to, and there's apparently no cure. My father certainly has issues with his brain to mouth barrier. But I must say, he seems to enjoy his cerebral shortcomings far more than I do. I do admit that I enjoy having the ability to think quickly on my feet. I'm glad you're there to hear the line...I'm sure I made the right decision regarding to whom I shared it.

Maybe not.

Oh well.

OK, so first my music has to get turned OFF now that there is a sleeping newborn in another room. Ya know what, I'm gonna turn it back on and see what they say. OK...it's on. But Umizoomi is on in the living room and the music isn't that loud.

Oh, never mind...all I had to do was sit here. I'm in trouble now. Think I'll shower and split.


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