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Thursday, October 10, 2013

So...just how old am I?

When the bus driver starts quoting you senior citizen's rates as you get on a bus, it's hard to deny your age. A couple of years ago I might have been annoyed at such an offer but I give, I'll drop my quarter and sit on the front seats, especially since those young rascals in the back of the bus seem to like taking advantage of old ladies. I used to say things like that in an attempt to protect little old ladies from tricksters but now that I'm using words like tricksters, I think I'm warning myself.

I AM an old lady, right down to the menthol smell. I'm menthol blind right now because I had a headache and it occurred to me that the menthol crap might help it. It never occurred to me that I might blind myself with the menthol crap dripping into my eyes. I was lying down on the couch letting most of it evaporate when my son-in-law walked in from work. That's what you want to be doing at your in laws' house when they walk in from doing a good day's work...lying on their couch as they come in their house. It takes a lot of baby-sitting to make up for that sort of stuff.

I love watching the baby because he's easily the brightest, most interesting and likeable person I've met in a long time. He's certainly the only other person who laughs on a regular basis. But even he has his own way of letting me know how old I am. He seems to have taken to calling all old ladies Grandma. I guess he met me, learned that word and applies it to all the old ladies he spots. I realized quickly that it was a put down of sorts. Talk about your passive-aggressive personalities.

Perhaps I even need protection. I seem to get robbed regularly. Every time it happens I think, "It's OK, I learned a big lesson from that." But the lessons I learn are so specific that I have to learn all of them before I'm safe. In the meantime, I can just do my best to avoid going outside all together.


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