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Monday, October 14, 2013

As usual, Walter is being a hoot...

...and some innocent people are being caught in the crossfire. Yep, I'm aware of that but I'm not covering for that nit wit anymore. He has plucked my last nerve and I'm gonna act as if he's doing exactly what he's doing. IF I were to believe him, I'd have to believe that his father's "caretaker" goes around telling people that I am doing cocaine. I don't believe that at all. But, Walter said it's true. And Caretaker chick says, "I am Jim's caretaker and Walts friend...". Yep, she is still naïve enough to think that those 2 things are noble and good. Sorry girl...but they are not.

I've been watching Walter and his father for 2 years now and they operate in conjunction with each other. Walter does what he can and then he sends his billion year old father out to do his bit. I've seen them screw every single person who has been in their lives...from girlfriends to wives to the OTHER caretaker and his father's girlfriend who he had when his wife was still alive. They both suck...Walter and the 2,000 year old man. They screw the people who treat them the best and those who treat them the worst. The only difference is that the closer you get, the more devastating the tactics become. They didn't screw many people as badly as they screwed Laura...the other caretaker who had been with them for years. She made it easy for them to do it, after all, she's black and those 2 are nothing but a couple of bigots straight from a KKK meeting. Seriously, if those 2 morons had half an opening, they would hop their little asses on to the next Klan rally. If nothing else, they'd consider it good for business.

So, now Caretaker chick is worried that I am causing her grief. Well, Walter put her in this situation without a thought to how it might effect her. That's how he operates. He had to use her to slime my reputation...no one else has so much as seen me, at least no one who talks to Walter anyway. It's driving him nuts. He needed to find a witness to bolster his story and that person had to be far away from me. He must not have thought that one out too much, a huge problem when you lie on the fly like that...calling audibles and committing yourself to a crazy story such as, 'Caretaker chick did it.' He knew she would be perfect, a certain degree of credibility as evidenced by her naïveté and far enough away from me that there was a possibility that I wouldn't speak to her and he might be able to gloss over another lie. Anyway, she still thinks that being friends with Walter is a good thing. I remember being that stupid myself. It was almost fatal.

She is totally missing the forest for the trees. I'm not putting her into this situation, she listens to it enough to be Walter's "friend" and I know what that takes. She can't be totally innocent, those who participate in The Lundy Negativity du jour must dabble in it themselves. She, like far too many, is totally taken in by Walter's act. But after a while you figure out (or you should) that he never does anything really good...rather he lifts himself up by constantly putting others down. It can be hard to see a person clearly when he is standing on a soap box pontificating. It's actually all an illusion. Walter is NOTHING but negativity. He has nothing positive to add to ANYTHING because he doesn't want to see good stuff. He's on a life quest to be negative, whomever might get in his way. Sometimes it's just an innocent salesperson who wanted the commission a year ago but wants nothing more than a do-over now so he can avoid Walter completely. Sometimes it's someone like me who gets lost in his crisis oriented presence.

Walter has one mode...crisis mode. If he isn't dealing with a crisis, he will create a crisis out of whatever is happening in front of him. He's also hideously dishonest and his lawyer realized that as well. There's no other reason to tell him to plead guilty to a crime. Duh. So, Caretaker chick, do you get it yet? The Lundy's don't let people walk away willingly. They must find a reason to kick you in the ass while you walk out at their behest.

One more thing honey, pay attention and notice how pathetic Walter's story du jour is. He has to validate the fact that he gets free stuff from the government, a special parking spot, a hoveround scooter thingie and your patience, your meal cooking ability and your laundry duties. I can't wait to watch you take your turn at bat. Let's see if you still claim Walter as a friend with such righteousness next year.


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