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Monday, October 14, 2013

Alrighty then...

...Walter is messing with me long distance, from Tampa to Socal. Apparently I'm allergic to something here that's akin to my springtime hay fever attacks and every time I go outside, my eyes water and my nose begins to run. I spoke to Walter once from outside...he called when I was crossing a street...and he's decided that I'm snorting cocaine. He is sending my daughter messages accusing me of doing drugs while I'm watching my grandson. He even uses my blog to prove his points.

Shortly after I began this thing, I realized what a precarious situation I had put myself in. After giving that some thought, I decided to fess up to all of my major faux pas before anyone could use them in an effort to smear me. In the post I wrote an honest confessional and admitted to doing a little blow for a minute in the mid 80's. Once I admit to something, it can't be used against me as though it were a discovery along the lines of Jack the Ripper being identified. But to Walter, the evidence is rock solid. He even spices his story up by adding a "pocket dialed call" where I'm heard to say, "Let's do some cocaine." Yep...we all talk like that using phrases straight out of a drug documentary.

Jeez...my daughter sees me more than anyone else and she knows I don't do cocaine. I couldn't afford it if I wanted to, which I don't. I never thought much of the stuff myself. As always, I prefer weed...always have, always will. Now I'm in a state where it's medicinal and that's so cool. But you really have to be very careful when you have that stuff, you can smell it in the next room...when it's NOT being smoked. The stuff is so potent that the raw buds are all you need to smell up an entire house. Now I can't even do that until I get my own place which I hope is soon. I can't expect much before this Christmas, but maybe by Christmas 2014.

Walter has been spinning his lies about me for 2 years but this time he did something particularly stupid. He assumed that my daughter is an idiot who doesn't know me at all. She knows there isn't a man around...I don't have the time or inclination. She knows me and she's not an idiot. She would know if I were doing drugs around my grandson. On top of that, she knows me and she knows that of all the stupid things I've done, cocaine has never been an issue for me.

Now, Walter James Lundy (the same nimrod who plead guilty to battery this past summer) has a list of aliases that I use...as though I've ever tried to hide my identity. Where does he get that stuff? I've never used an alias, he must have actually sat down and invented them in a blatant attempt to get my daughter to turn on me and send me packing back to Tampa. He doesn't mind that something like that could cause a rift that would result in me not being able to see my grandson...as a matter of fact, he prefers to have me all to himself. God knows what he's telling my father and everyone else I know in Florida not to mention his own father and friends.

This is a tiny piece of what he's saying to my daughter:

Annie I'm still waiting for Meg to call me she hasn't so could you please call her and ask her to call me thank your

Annie I've been nice sent money ph card put money down on a beautiful ring for her and she didn't act happy at all. I overheard her when she was picking up tha baby crib she pocket dialed me she was with some guy and the next time I talked to her she sounded really high. I don't know who that person was but . I know what I heard I hope and pray she isn't . Really love her and do want to marry her!!! Sorry if I get upset worrying about her but that's loving her. Let's talk on the phone please. W

I know what I heard her say the day she got the crib she said to that guy I need to get fucked come to the hotel then she was snlffing when I called her your . That's your friend? Not much of a friend screwing mom and giving her soda. He must live by where you lived before. Look if she dosent care about me fine!!! But I care about her ! And her state of mind . Have you read her blog when she lived there before I sent a guy out for some rum and coke  how about no rum . Figure it out ,

keep your head in the sand like an ostrich and you'll see you are as nuts as she is!!!

 Goddamnit she pocket dialed me when she was getting a crib with some guy talking to some Filipino woman I know what I heard I'm not crazy and delusional where
 is she now? Not there withlike I said she's with your Margaret R. Kelso
Margaret Kelsey
Margaret K Berkley      44       Petersburg, VA
Appomattox, VA  Barbara Kelso
Beatrice Kelso
Yolanda Kelso   ACCESS REPORT

She is with him now who is lying now Annie you know I an right.

She was effing some guy when she went out there on vacation and I know that for a fact to

And if she was living there she would've been blogging on her blog so therefore she doesn't have Internet or she isn't living there! Soo who is lying now?

Okay I called it why didn't answer she was living there she been blogging on her blog you know that she's not living there

The day I'm talking about was about three weeks after she had moved out there she is with a guy with a deep voice talking to a Filipina woman and I heard them bringing some crib that's what she told me when I called just bringing some crib with your husband but I know it wasn't your husband

 It's funny that you won't answer me where she is now and why she's not blogging if she was there she be blogging

PLast thing I'm going to say is if she is doing cocaine and it's your friend giving it to her and she dies guess what he's at fault

And you're done because I hit the nail on the head she's living with your friend and they're doing cocaine.

I saw her with some that she got from some Mexican people here and I asked her if she did it she said yes

Reader blog says that she snorted cocaine I'll give you the exact date I'll even tell you the the page

Annie why don't you go visit her and find out how hi she is on that crap ?  If she was living with you she would be blogging on her new computer she obviously is not there because she's not blogging I am done now

No one who knows me would believe any of that crap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have one like that too doesn't understand I don't like you don't want to see you don't want anything to do with you.

October 14, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

My condolences. Amazing how they can even think that they're right in what they do! "I don't care if she cares about me, I care about her!" It's always what they feel, isn't it?

October 14, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

"I saw her with some that she got from some Mexican people here and I asked her if she did it she said yes"

That doesn't even make sense...even if I WERE to give myself up for no good reason, I would never have given up the Mexicans.

October 14, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They make up lies nd then wonder why we want nothing to do with them. Are they really that stupid?

October 14, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

It's not stupidity, it's just that they are used to being believed. When you question a liar, they get flustered. Most people don't have to stick around for more. They get so used to getting away with lies that it must be YOUR fault if they screw one up by getting caught. Remember, your average liar tells a LOT of lies for every time they get caught in one. They usually get way with these things because it would never occur to anyone that a person would lie about such stupid crap so we don't see it coming. It would be like watching out for the boogeyman. You never would do that. Then, when the boogeyman gets you, you think, "Whoda thunk?"

October 14, 2013  

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